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  • Darlene
    Dec 8, 2006
      Hi All,

      It's been awhle since i really posted. Things have been
      crazy around here. My Dad was in an auto accident and is
      still in the Shock Trauma. It's been 6 weeks now. We could
      really use some prayers to get him home before Christmas.

      To all the new comers to the group. Welcome, I hope you find
      it as comforting and supportive as we do. Without this group
      we would have gone crazy with all the stuff the doctor have
      told us. It's comforting knowing there is someone out there
      that knows what you are going through.

      To all that have been in the hospital. I hope you are all home
      by now and on the road to feeling better.

      Kyle and Connor have been doing great. Kyle has done very well
      in school and in his therapies. Especially, Speech, he continues
      to improve in voice and signing.

      Hope all is well with everyone.

      Take care,
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