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3773Re: [Myotubular_Myopathy] finally!

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  • Abbie harrison
    Dec 1, 2006
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      Way to go Sam!  We are glad to hear that you are finally coming home.  You are such a strong little man.
      Abbie and Kaylee

      kim <kimmyk47@...> wrote:
      finally, after almost 9 long weeks sam is coming home from the hospital today! i feel like it
      has been a lifetime. while he was gone, we moved into a new house and learned of an
      unexpected pregnancy. while he was in the hospital he turned into a little boy, no longer a
      baby. it has been a long time.

      i am so grateful and so happy.

      thank you for your support you made a very difficult time much easier with your kind words
      and understanding.

      wishing everyone the best,


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