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3492regan was 4 yesterday

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  • rachel_wrigley
    Oct 2, 2006
      just thought id let you all know it was regans birthday yesterday he
      was 4 he didnt understand it was birthday he just thought he was
      getting presnts for being good (bless him) we had a little party for
      him just family came it was a good day tierd us all out marconi will
      be 2 soon time files there both doing well marconi had another
      videoflopsy a couple of weeks ago and showed hes still asperating but
      not as bad as last time we can now give him feeds we just have to
      thicken them up regan and marconi are having there flu jabs soon
      before the winter sets in and all the colds and flus start we keeping
      our fingers crossed for this winter we just hope its a better one then
      last year regans starting to have choking eposiesed its getting to
      nearly every meal time and sometimes when he has dink regan too has to
      have a video flopsy but apart from that there all doing good
      hope everyones well take care
      rachel ,moz and boys
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