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3164update on regan and marconi

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  • rachel_wrigley
    Jul 3, 2006
      hello everyone we not written for ages so i thought id let you all
      know how the boys are doing:
      marconi is getting big now he starting to stand with surpport ,can sit
      unaided hes a happy little chap loves being out in his buggie he
      enjoyed our holiday we been back 3 weeks i didnt want to come home lol
      he also putting weight on too hes still being fed by ng tube he has to
      have another video flopsy done to see if he still asperaring the
      speech therpist listened to his thraot and said he sounded better then
      before so things are looking up he enjoys his baby walker must feel
      nice to be able to get around. we just hope this winter is a better
      one for marconi and regan fingers crossed

      regan is still much the same hes still not talking,hes doing really
      good with his makaton signing hes not as frusated as he was as he
      feels he can now commuicate with us he attends nursey 5 days a week
      just for 2 hours a day he enjoys it we have just had some new hand
      rails on the stairs to help regan get up and down better he gets up a
      lot quicker now.
      we still have to wait for regans muscle byopis not heard anything yet
      as if we havent waited long eough,regan too enjoyed the holiday as did
      jordan i dont really mention him much hes my eldest son hes 8 yrs old
      and not got the condition we home school jordan now as the school
      didnt really understand our situation with regan and marconi but it
      seems to working out ok he enjoys being at home

      hope everyones ok and well
      take care
      jordan and regan and marconi
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