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  • Shannon
    Jul 1, 2006
      Hi everyone,

      Let's see...there is much to update on!

      1) Congratulations Jacqueline and RObert! As you know, we are VERY
      excited about this fantastic news!

      2) We have been deep in World Cup watching at our house (sorry about
      the Netherlands R & J!). We are rooting for Germany! (Well, I am at
      this point!) Pretty much everything is planned around the games. We
      are soccer fanatics!

      3) Javad is doing amazing! He has discovered the pool outside and
      loves to be in it! I find it a bot ironic that out of our four
      children, Javad is the one who loves to be outside the most! He
      throws a major tantrum if you bring him inside! He has started
      scooting a bit on his bottom in the water and on the floor! That's
      great news for us! A little bit at a time!!! :) He is doing
      amazingly well. We are planning on throwing a party in August to
      celebrate one year hospital free. As many of you know, for us to go
      one month some time ago was an accomplishment...It's hard to believe
      that we are approaching a year!

      4) I have a request...for those of you that have caringbridge sites,
      would it be possible to request that you update occasionally. I
      check them regularly and wonder how the boys are doing. If you don't
      know what a caringbridge site is, check out www.caringbridge.org and
      you can set up a free website! It's a fantastic way to keep family
      and friends up to date on the ongoings of your child! If you set one
      up, please post the link. Javad's site is

      5) Scott, who is the little girl in Mason's picture?

      6) Kim, could you please send me your address and phone # again so I
      can send you the item! Sorry!

      Okay..I have rambled enough! Talk to you all soon!

      Oh...Darlene...glad to hear that Conner is coming home soon! He has
      been in my thoughts!