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2514RE: [Myotubular_Myopathy] update on regan and marconi

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  • Wendy
    Dec 21, 2005

      Poor little man… glad he’s better now and home for Christmas!  There has been a very nasty virus going around, and Zak too was “knocked flat” for a week, missing his Christmas school play (after I’d spent ages making his costume too!!).  Hope your house move was successful and pleased to hear about Regan’s nursery place… things are looking up!  I’m so pleased for you.

      Wendy x


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      20 December 2005 19:07
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      Subject: [Myotubular_Myopathy] update on regan and marconi


      Marconi has been in hospital with bronchiolitis, he spent a week in
      hospital and took about another week to fully recover at home, he is
      now doing well.

      Regan also contracted the same virus but as he is older and stronger
      it was more like a common flu and he is now better too.

      Sorry we have not posted for a while, we have just moved house in
      mid Nov and it has taken a bit of time to get the net back on, what
      with Marconi being in hospital and stuff.

      Marconi and Regan are looking forward to Christmas (it will be
      Marconi's first) its also Marconi's first birthday on new years day
      so he will have more toys and presents then he knows what to do
      with, Regan is starting nursery in the new year so there is lots for
      us to look forward too in the coming weeks.

      Hope you are all well

      Love Moz & Rachel

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