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1533Re: More info for Austin!

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  • Shannon
    Dec 6, 2004
      Hi Carolyn,

      I read what Darlene said and totally agree. I also take Javad to
      physical therapy at the hospital (rehab program) every other
      week and speech and water therapy every other week (right now
      Javad is training for a wheelchair, sp we haven't done water
      therapy for awhile, but he LOVES it!)

      We also do the breathing treatment three times a day, but when
      he is sick they can be more often (and usually are!) The bi-pap is
      awesome (as I've said before) and has really ehlped Javad get
      stronger! W didn't think he needed it, but now we are glad that we

      It is frustrating that the doctors don't seem to knwo more, but as
      Darlene said this is very rare and the doctors have VERY old
      information and often don't think theres much hope. These boys
      are proof that is wrong!!!

      I think Darlene's Infantand Toddler program is similar to the
      program we get through the county . We have also gone through
      the local MDA office.

      I hope that this has helped....As I said before, you are welcome
      to contact me personally. I am also sure that our pulmo would
      talk to Ausitn's dr. if they had questions.

      Talk to you soon!

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