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1354RE: [Myotubular_Myopathy] Today's crazy "feet"

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  • Wright, Alistair (A)
    Oct 3, 2004
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      Hi Shannon, I am very impressed. I still remember Janice and my first marathon, it was on a nice sunny day and the course was fast and flat. At 23 miles however I just gave up, I was too tired to run and my back too sore to walk (and my mind too full of excuses). Janice of course being much stronger willed than I just kept going and earned her medal.


      Still today I chide myself for not having been strong enough to finish, and even though I have now done about 30 Marathons the feeling of failure still bites. So congrats to you for having the physical strength and mental strength and overriding the best efforts of your little toe and proudly finishing on your first attempt.





      You do realize that now the running bug has really bitten you will have to obey…

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