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‘Practicing Muslim’ CBSA officer detains and har asses MCC president at US-Canada border crossing

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  • Tarek Fatah
    *æPracticing MuslimÆ CBSA officer detains and harasses MCC president at US-Canada border crossing* TORONTO, August 14 û The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2013
      ‘Practicing Muslim’ CBSA officer detains and harasses MCC president at US-Canada border crossing

      TORONTO, August 14 – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) has asked the Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney and the head of Canada’s Border Security Agency, Luc Portelance to investigate an incident at the Niagara Falls border crossing where a CBSA officer describing himself as a ‘practicing Muslim’, detained and harassed the president of the MCC and his family.

      The ordeal began on Monday, August 12  at 9:45 PM when Mumtaz Khan and his family arrived at the border crossing after a 10-hour drive from Boston. They were questioned at length at the CBSA checkpoint and were then sent for a secondary inspection in an office building. 

      However, before Khan and his family could enter the office, they were detained in the parking lot and not allowed to enter the building. They were made to stand there for two hours in what appeared to be an exercise in humiliation.

      “What began as a check of the car and its contents became a two-hour ordeal with repeated searches and pat-downs,” said Mumtaz Khan president of the MCC. “In addition, my three kids, including a 4-year old were repeatedly barred from using the washrooms despite the fact we had been driving for ten hours,” said Khan.

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