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We Muslims aren't a happy lot, so who do we blame for our condition?

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  • Tarek Fatah
    We Muslims aren t a happy lot. We re not happy in Gaza; we re not happy in Sinai We re not happy in Iran; we re not happy in Iraq We re not happy in Pakistan;
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2011


      We Muslims aren't a happy lot.


      We're not happy in Gaza; we're not happy in Sinai
      We're not happy in Iran; we're not happy in Iraq
      We're not happy in Pakistan; we're not happy in Afghanistan
      We're not happy in Libya; we're not happy in Syria
      We're not happy in Yemen; we're not happy in Egypt
      We're not happy in Maldives; we're not happy in Morroco.


      And where are we happy?


      We're happy in the US; we're happy in the UK
      We're happy in Australia; we're happy in Austria.
      We're happy in Canada; we're happy in France
      We're happy in the Nederlands; we're happy in New Zeland
      We're happy in Sweden; we're happy in Switzerland 
      We're happy in Alaska; we're happy even in Antartica


      In fact, we Muslims are happy in every country that is secular and not ruled by Muslims.


      So, who do we blame for our condition? Not the Islamic countries; not our leadership; not the jihadis; not the Islamists; not Rage Boy; not the Burka Babe. And certainly not ourselves. 


      We blame the countries where we Muslims find happiness!


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