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CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper: Tarek Fatah is an “e xtremist” ... “a neo-con sock puppet”

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  • Tarek Fatah
    Tuesday, December 29, 2009 CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper: Tarek Fatah is an “extremist” ... “a neo-con sock puppet” Friends, During the 2000 US elections,
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      Tuesday, December 29, 2009
      CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper:  Tarek Fatah is an “extremist” ... “a neo-con sock puppet”


      During the 2000 US elections,  almost every Islamic organization and mosque in the country backed George Bush. After his controversial victory, Islamist groups boasted how they had contributed to the defeat of Al Gore.

      In whatever capacity I could, I and many other liberal Muslims backed the Democrat Gore-Lieberman ticket and were devastated at their loss to the Bush-Cheney team.

      This is why I was taken aback and amused when the spokesman of the US-based Islamist group, CAIR, (Council on American-Islamic Relations) labelled me a “neocon sock puppet” in a CBC radio discussion. This was a classic case of pot calling kettle black. Here was an ultra-conservative backer of all things Republican in the pre 9/11 era, accusing me, a liberal democrat with a slur dug up from the gutter.

      On  Tuesday, December 29, 2009, the CBC Radio show, The Current, had Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR and me as guests to talk about the issue of measures taken by airports in the wake of the attempt by Umar Farouk Abdelmutallib to blow up a Detroit bound flight.

      During the interview, I criticized the idea of treating every traveller as a potential threat, specially seniors, children, and families, who have done nothing wrong and who are unlikely to blow up a plane. I argued that this group of people should not be made to suffer, when we know the profile of the jihadi terrorist: a male travelling alone, who is between 15 and 40 and is Muslim.

      When I was asked if this meant “yanking” Muslims out of the line, I said “no,” clarifying that my suggestion meant NOT subjecting children, seniors and families to the ordeal and suffering and restricting to single men who fit the jihadi profile.

      I said, as a Pakistani-born Muslim man, I had no problem being profiled since I had nothing to hide. Throwing the suspicion-net on the entire nation because of the actions of a group of Muslim men, is unfair and is contributing to hostility towards Muslims among non-Muslim Americans and Canadians while resolving nothing.

      Those who have failed to distance themselves from the doctrine of armed jihad and who follow the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, I said must be considered suspect.

      When it came time for Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR to respond, he descended immediately into name-calling, referring to me as a “neocon sock puppet” and an “extremist.” 

      Pretty rich from a guy who speaks for an organization that has been labelled  by the US Justice Department as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a Texas Terror Trial during which a number of US Muslim organizations were identified as having links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

      CAIR’s credentials are not just tarnished due to the Texas Terror Trial, in which all accused were convicted on all charges, but also because it has received funds from Saudi sources as well as the Gulf States.

      To listen to the CBC Radio discussion, click here:

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