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Awad Loubani in Ottawa Citizen: "It's time for moderate Muslims to come out of shadows"

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  • Tarek Fatah
    July 31, 2008 It s time for moderate Muslims to come out of shadows By Awad Loubani The Ottawa Citizen Re: What jihad really means and Real issue is extremists
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2008
      July 31, 2008
      It's time for moderate Muslims
      to come out of shadows
      By Awad Loubani
      Re: What jihad really means and Real issue is extremists killing fellow Muslims, July 24.
      Writers of this opinion article and the writer of the letter to the editor must be commended for their courage to inform and clarify to Canadians the fallacies practised by Muslim radicals, who, under the pretext of Islam, are disguising their political agenda in the West.
      Moderate Muslims in Canada are as worried and apprehensive of Muslims extremists, as are the other Canadians.
      They are also becoming suspicious and skeptical of those Muslim leaders who continuously veil and protect the political ideals and jihadi propensities of the extremists among them. They are masking their activities and softening their interpretations of religious texts and prophetic traditions in public, while allowing the sale and circulation of literature that endorses violent interpretations.
      Some of the privileged, the politically connected and the highly educated Muslims, shamelessly exploit the liberal, democratic and multicultural laws and values of Canada. They abuse the freedom of speech to influence, politicize and soft-sell the anti-western political agenda. They may carry Canadian passports but their hearts and loyalties are elsewhere.
      Most Muslims have taken refuge in Canada and western countries to live in peace and harmony with the rest of the world. They are not interested in the power politics of creating an Islamic state in the Middle East or elsewhere.
      It is incumbent on those Muslims who want to follow Islamic lifestyle, education and promote Islamic ideologies, practise Islamic jurisdiction and submit their loyalty to theocratic Islamic system of governance, make a choice and emigrate from Canada to Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries. In these countries they will find majority populace and governance that share their ideals.
      Perhaps these countries [Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan] should create policies which facilitate the migration and settlement of western Muslims in their countries just as Canada and Western countries do for those who choose to live here.
      Undoubtedly, Muslims who have made Canada their home will stand up for Canada and protect its values, its peace and security. It is time for the moderate Muslims to come out of the shadows of uncertainty and take ownership of their destiny for the sake of their future generations. It is also crucial that they speak out against the extremists among them.
      Awad Loubani,

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