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Toronto man convicted for posting hate literature against Muslims

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  • Tarek Fatah
    June 22, 2006 Man convicted for posting literature at university Canadian Press The Globe and Mail
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      June 22, 2006

      Man convicted for posting literature at university

      Toronto — A Toronto man has been convicted of hate crimes for posting literature at Ryerson University that targeted Muslim, Arab and Jewish students.
      Twenty-three-year-old Kevin Haas was arrested in 2004 and charged with seven counts of mischief, two counts of threatening death and two hate-crimes charges.
      Mr. Haas pleaded guilty to two counts of willful promotion of hatred and two counts of mischief.
      Attorney General Michael Bryant says Mr. Haas will be under house arrest for six months, and must not own any weapons or use a computer linked to the Internet.
      Mr. Haas, who was not a Ryerson student when he was arrested, must also get counselling and write letters of apology to Muslim and Arab students.
      Mr. Bryant says there's no room in the Canadian justice system for intolerance, which is why he consented to the hate crimes charges being added in this case.
      Tarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress says he is happy with the conditional sentence, which he hopes sends a message that there's no room for hate in Canadian society.
      “More important than the six-month sentence is the fact that there is zero tolerance, and that the judicial system has the apparatus to take care of it,” Mr. Fatah said in an interview.
      “We are not in the market for revenge. It's the symbolism of it.”
      Mr. Bryant agreed he hopes the conviction sends a strong message. “In Canada's garden of cultural diversity, sometimes seeds of intolerance attempt to take root,” he told The Canadian Press.
      “The flip-side of our great multi-cultural tolerance is a total intolerance for speech that breeds hate.”
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