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Nigeria: Christians retaliate against Muslims; Kill 20, Burn Mosques

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  • Tarek fatah
    Friends, When the history of this cartoon controversy is recorded, the names of Imam Abu Luban of Copenhagen and his protégé, Ahmad Akkari, will be written
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2006
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      When the history of this cartoon controversy is recorded, the names of Imam
      Abu Luban of Copenhagen and his prot�g�, Ahmad Akkari, will be written in

      The mischief of these two sick men is now consuming dozens of lives. While
      they sit in the comfort of Denmark, enjoying the security of the very
      society they hate, Nigerians are killing each other. The Islamists who burnt
      down Churches and killed 15 Christians in Nigeria are not the ones who died
      today in southern Nigeria. It was ordinary innocent Muslims who paid with
      their lives for the fanaticism and hate of the Mullas.

      The Danish cartoonists were guilty of insulting Muslims, but these two agent
      provocateurs are guilty of causing world-wide mayhem that has lead to people
      dead around the world, Muslim-Christian relations in a pitfall and the
      strengthening of the stereotype of Muslims being violence-prone by nature.

      Now the Iranian Foreign Minister is calling for demonstrations to end! The
      Organization of Islamic Countries too is urging calm! First they light the
      fire and then they express surprise that the world is burning. Shame on
      those who pretend to be offended by the cartoons, but in reality are hiding
      behind the banner of Islam to spread mayhem and murder.

      Ordinary Muslims must rise against the Mullas who are fanning these fires.
      Enough is enough. When women in niqaab march with the slogan "God Bless
      Hitler," (picture attached) it is not difficult to to gauge their true

      Wednesday, 22 February 2006

      Rioting in southern Nigerian city: 20 people killed

      BBC News

      At least 20 people are believed to have died in two days of violence in the
      southern Nigerian city of Onitsha Christian mobs rampaged through the city
      attacking Muslims in retaliation for anti-Christian riots in the north.

      Nigerian police said hundreds of Christian Ibos attacked houses belonging to
      Muslim Hausas when news of the northern clashes reached Onitsha.

      Danish cartoon protests in the north led to sectarian clashes which have
      seen dozens of deaths in four cities.

      On Wednesday, groups of Christian men wielding clubs and machetes rampaged
      through Onitsha for a second day attacking any members of the Muslim Hausa
      community they could find, according to witnesses.

      Dragged out

      One eyewitness said cars driving into the town had been stopped by angry
      crowds demanding to know if there were any Hausa on board.

      Those who were identified were dragged out and taken away. The authorities
      say many Muslims still in the city have sought shelter inside police

      Police say they have sent reinforcements into the town which has been sealed
      off but there are also reports that the violence has spread to neighbouring

      The Anambra state authorities have imposed a curfew in Onitsha. Security
      forces were patrolling the streets and guarding religious buildings on

      Thousands of Muslims, some of them injured, were seen fleeing across a Niger
      River bridge into neighbouring Delta state.

      Mosques burnt

      Eyewitnesses told journalists that mosques had been burnt in the city during
      rioting on Tuesday.

      "I saw a husband and wife beaten and burnt alive at the River Niger Bridge
      head," eyewitness Oliver Onah told Reuters news agency, referring to a
      market area frequented by people who originate from predominantly Muslim
      northern Nigeria.

      At least 39 people were taken to hospital in Onitsha, a Red Cross official
      told AP news agency.

      "Thousands of people who have been displaced from their homes are now
      sheltered at the police and army barracks," the official said.

      Earlier on Tuesday, the authorities in Bauchi in northern Nigerian imposed a
      curfew after at least 13 people were killed in a sectarian riot.

      The Bauchi riot followed violence over the weekend in the two northern towns
      of Maiduguri and Katsina, which began as demonstrations against the Danish
      cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

      More than 10,000 people died in communal violence across the country in the
      first few years following Nigeria's return to democratic rule in 1999, but
      in recent months these clashes have less frequent.

      The Nigerian authorities are always reluctant to give death tolls to try and
      avoid provoking more violence.

      With poverty widespread, tensions over access to scarce resources in Nigeria
      can easily spill over into violence between different religious and ethnic

      This often involves those who see themselves as true 'indigens' of an area
      targeting those considered to be more recent 'settlers'.
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