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Omar Alghabra supports Shariah: Failure to introduce Islamic Law blamed on Muslim minority with a "Louder Voice"

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  • Tarek Fatah
    Hello all, Omar Alghabra, the Liberal candidate who was falsely accused of delivering the Victory for Islam speech at his nomination meeting, now finds
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      Hello all,

      Omar Alghabra, the Liberal candidate who was falsely accused of delivering
      the "Victory for Islam" speech at his nomination meeting, now finds himself
      in the spotlight of another controversy.

      Alghabra has re-ignited the Shariah controversy. He is reported to have told
      the Arabic language newspaper Almughtarib that Muslims should have united to
      support the introduction of shariah in Canada. He is also quoted as saying
      that the Muslims who opposed sharia, won because they had the "louder

      When the interviewer suggest that a Liberal governement rejected the
      introduction of shariah, depsite the fact that it would have been optional,
      Alghabra suggests sharia was rejected only because Muslims were not united.
      He says:
      "I am sorry to say, most Muslims stood silent during the discussion of this
      Law and left the field open for the rejecting minority which had the louder
      voice and hence bringing this project (applying the Shariaa Law in Canada)
      to failure."

      Alghabra is clearly trivilizing the work of the Muslim Canadian Congress and
      the Canadian Coucil of Muslim Women, by suggesting their success was not
      based on the merits of their argumments, but simply their "louder voice."

      He deflects critcism of the Liberal governement who rejected the sharia
      proposal, and blames it instead on the lack of Muslim unity. He says: "And
      the matter was not a position taken against the Muslims themselves, but it's
      us (Muslims) who failed to highlight our position and unite our ranks."

      Wow! Does he feel members of the MCC and CCMW are not Muslim?

      This is in contrast to Omar Akghabra's statements to the Toronto English
      langauge media, during the "Victory of Islam" controversy, where he
      emphasised that he was secular in his poltics and did not believe in mixing
      religion and poltics.

      It is also a surpise for the Muslim Canadian Congress and other Muslim
      groups who opposed the introduction of shariah in Canada, to now learn that
      the Presdient of the Canadian Arab Federation at that time was supporting
      those who were seeking validation of sharia by the Canadian legal system
      under the guise of multiculturalism.

      When Alghabra was falsely accused of making the "Victcory of Islam" speech,
      colleagues in the MCC stood up for him, even though we had endorsed the NDP
      and he was a Liberal candidate. However, when Omar sneaks in his pro-Shariah
      stance in an obscure Arabic langauge, we will not hesitate to challenge him.

      Let him come forward and debate the sharia in an open forum of his choice.
      The MCC will prove to him that it was the merits of our argument that won
      the day, not our "Louder Voice."

      Omar Alghabra should alos realise that targetted marketing--making different
      sales picthes to specific audicnes--may work for business marketing and the
      Corporate world, but in politcs such double-speak can come to haunt you.

      So, if he wishes, those of us accused of having the "louder voice" are
      willing to debate him and we promise our voices will be lower than the
      shrill of those who were trying to sneak in Iranian and Saudi inspired
      therocratic laws, while hiding behind multiculturalism.

      Here is the scanned page of the Almughtarib newspaper, which I found on an
      discussion forum.

      Happy New Year!

      Wed. Dec. 14th 2005, Issue No 513:

      "The Arab Presence in the Canadian Politics"
      By Iman Samy Hassan.
      The Almughtarib, Toronto
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