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3028The fascist Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh and its corporate business network

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  • Tarek Fatah
    Dec 16, 2013


      Here is only a partial list of businesses and corporations owned by or affiliated with the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami. Their revenues go into billions of Takas and they employ tens of thousands of workers and students.

      Many who support the JI in BD are armed and operate as death squads in the true spirit of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and their mother organization, the Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan.


      In addition the JI gets moral, if not material support from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan, as well as the ISI's LeT and other terror networks.


      This is what Islamofascism looks like. The West ignores this at its own peril.





      Bank and Insurance Companies:

      1. Islami Bank Ltd.
      2. Islamic Finance and Investment Ltd.
      3. Far-East Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
      4. Islami Insurance Co. Ltd.
      5. Takaful Islami Life Insurance

      The social welfare projects of Islami Bank Foundation includes:

      Islami Bank HospitalsIslami Bank Medical College, RajshahiCommunity Hospitals Monoram: Islami Bank Crafts & Fashion HousesService Centres Islami Bank Institutes of TechnologyIslami Bank International School and College Islami Bank Physiotherapy and Disabled Rehabilitation CentreCentre for Development DialogueBangladesh Sangskritic Kendra (Cultural Centre)


      Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies:

      1. Ibn Sina Hospital
      2. Ibn Sina Diagnostic Center
      3. Ibn Sina Pharma
      4. Islami Bank Hospital
      5. Fuad-Al-Khatib Medical Trust



      1. Green Line
      2. Panjeri
      3. Ababil



      1. Daily Naya Diganta
      2. Diganta Television
      3. Daily Sangram


      Other Business Organisations:

      1. Keari Sindbad
      2. Metro Shopping Center
      3. Coral Reef
      4. Mission Developers
      5. Intimate Housing
      6. Sonargaon Housing
      7. Lalmatia housing
      8. Silver Village Housing
      9. One City
      10. Abashon City


      Educational Institutions:

      1. International Islamic University, Chittagong
      2. Manarat School and University, Dhaka
      3. Bangladesh Islamic University (private)
      4. Northern University
      5. Eastern University
      6. International Islamic University
      7. Asian University
      8. South-East University
      9. Islami Bank Bangladesh Technical College
      10. Green University
      11. Lyceum Kindergarten


      Coaching Centres:

      1. Focus
      2. Retina
      3. Concrete
      4. Concept
      5. Excellent
      6. Probaho
      7. Index
      8. Radium
      9. Optimum
      10. Success