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3026BBC report says Pakistan ready to deliver Nuclear Bomb to Saudi Arabia

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  • Tarek Fatah
    Dec 14, 2013
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      This BBC investigative report offers a window into the power and reach of Saudi petrodollars in the West. Listen to the reverence with which the Saudi case to acquire Nukes from Pakistan is presented in a way that portrays the Kingdom as a jilted lover, not a medieval dictatorship run by the descendents of a bandit king.

      Listen to the ‘experts’ as they empathise with the Saudis, presenting their nuclear appetite as essentially the fault of the United States.

      The Pakistan-supplied nukes to Saudi Arabia will target Israel, not Iran. The fog of war created by these three Islamic states is so thick, the blind West is incapable of even understanding what is unfolding. Those who do, get hefty consulting contracts and keep their wagging tongues in check.

      Watch the report and worry.