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  • the_blue_fox2006
    May 13, 2009
      I found this in my fathers (W.J.Cutler) old Navy journal, handwritten in pencil. This was from during the 20's when he first served. There is no name for the author. He may have wrote it himself. he loved poetry, as I do.


      Pray, may I ask you worthy lad whose smiles no care can smother, though busy life throbs 'round about, have you written home to mother?
      You are forgetting aren't you quite, how fast the weeks went flying- and that little ink blotted sheet, unanswered still is lying.

      Don't you remember how she stood with wistful glance at parting?
      Don't you remember how the tears were in her soft eyes starting?

      Have you forgotten how her arm tole 'round you to caress you?
      Have you forgotten those low sweet words, "Goodbye my son, God bless you." ?

      Oh do not wrong for patient love- Save God, there is no other-
      So faithful, through all midst of sin- fear not to write your mother.

      Tell her how hard it is to walk, as walked The Master lowly-
      Tell her how hard it is to keep a man's life pure and Holy.
      Tell her to keep the lamp of prayer alight, a beacon brightly burning-
      whose beams shall reach you far away, shall lure your soul returning.

      Tell her you love her dearly still- for fear some sad tomorrow
      Shall tear away the listening soul and leave you lost in sorrow.
      And through your bitter falling tears, and sighs you may not smother,
      You'll soon remember when too late.. you did not write your mother.