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NEMF: the forecast calls for 'shrooms

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  • debbie viess
    Dimi, Just wait until you try hunting in that heat! Still and all, bring (and maybe even wear) a bandana, and have a great time. It s another mushroom world
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 1, 2008
      Just wait until you try hunting in that heat! Still
      and all, bring (and maybe even wear) a bandana, and
      have a great time. It's another mushroom world out
      there, but a splendid one just the same!

      Watch out for that itchy ivy, too.


      Just arrived in New London, CT for the NEMF. Living in
      California, there's one thing that we lose around
      March/April --
      the green color off our landscape. It's amazing how
      lush green
      everything else looks outside. The other thing that we
      lose track
      is just how blessed we're with our cool and dry
      climate -- here
      it is wickedly hot and humid, like in a tropical
      jungle with
      thunderstormy drizzles. Met a few of the key folks for
      a brief
      exchange -- Tom Volk was doing his talk, Renée
      Lebeuf, a very
      nice lady from Montreal, Bill, oops, he's an East
      Coast picker
      and very knowledgeable about Boletes, met him at an
      foray. Saw Rod Tulloss too. If I can survive the heat
      I may talk
      to them more...


      ------- Original Message ------- On 7/31/2008 4:25 PM
      Douglas Smith wrote:

      I've having a problem, and I was wondering if others
      had an
      opinion. But I was working on for myself a kinda
      which would list taxonomic details of families and
      of fungi to help be able to identify a fungus to
      I have a silly belief that I should be able to (or try
      be able to) identify any fungi in CA to genus, with
      and time.

      But the sources I have are all old, with the current
      of affairs this isn't a surprise... So, I thought I
      try to setup things such that they agree with the
      state of families and orders in the basidiomyces and

      And there I have a problem... no one seem to agree
      what are
      the current families and orders here... And worse than
      that, the current movement is to try to organize
      in terms of clades and molecular work, which is fine.
      when someone tells me that Clavaria and Fistulina
      might be
      part of Agaricales, that just doesn't help in getting

      So, I was wondering would it make sense to just
      sidestep the
      whole issue, and organize genera more by observables,
      of by molecular/evolutionary view point? And if that
      is done
      what to call these grouping, shouldn't call them
      families or
      orders, since that has a taxonomic meaning.

      But I wanted to create a kinda tree diagram with
      photos, such that I could start at the top, and have
      better certainty that I could work down and find the
      of a mushroom. But basing the tree on the current
      won't work, and it would be better to base the tree on
      a close
      as you can to current family, but be free to say "it
      gills" or "it has pores" at some point to make the id.

      Just wondering if others worry about this, and
      thoughts and


      Douglas A. Smith douglas@...
      Office: Bld ROB, Rm 204 (650)926-2369
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