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POSITION: Elementary School Principal, INTER-AMERICAN MAGNET (Chicago, IL)

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  • Jill Wohl
    JOB OPENING: PRINCIPAL, INTER-AMERICAN DUAL LANGUAGE SCHOOL (Chicago, IL) Deadline: Application must be received by January 30, 2009 Annual Salary: MIN:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2009
      Deadline: Application must be received by January 30, 2009
      Annual Salary: MIN: $114,149.79 - MAX: $136,795.27

      Outstanding principal sought for Inter-American Magnet School (IAMS), which has been a
      leader in successful multilingual, multicultural education for over three decades. IAMS is
      the nation's second oldest dual language program (also known as Two Way Immersion).
      One of few public schools to be founded by parents, this Chicago Public School servers
      over 650 ethnically and economically diverse students in preschool through 8th grade
      from all over Chicago.

      Inter-American Magnet School seeks to promote academic excellence through dual
      language and multicultural education. All students, including those with special needs,
      attain proficiency levels in Spanish, English, mathematics, science and other fields of study
      that will enable them to compete and excel in community, academic and professional
      settings. Our students gain an awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures that greatly
      enriches not just their time here, but their lives in general.

      This exceptional learning community has a gifted and dedicated faculty, involved parents
      and a commitment to dual language education, social justice, ecology and a curriculum
      focused on the peoples of the Americas. Collaborative parents, students and staff are
      devoted to maintaining both high academic standards and a nurturing and inclusive

      The history of Inter-American is rich with inspiration, success and achievement. Its
      involvement of parents and staff in its founding, growth and governance helped inspire
      the creation of Local School Councils system-wide. It has maintained diversity and
      academic excellence in a culturally competent, nurturing and safe environment. At Inter-
      American, whether parent, educator, administrator, or student, we all feel fortunate to be
      part of such a warm, excellent, ground-breaking and special school. It is an experience
      that enriches not just our children, but ourselves.

      Recommended Credentials and Developed Skills include:
      - Demonstrated innovative and effective instructional leadership
      - Understanding of and dedication to dual-language education
      - Minimum 5 years teaching experience in early childhood, elementary and/or middle
      - History of proven administrative experience, expertise and efficacy in early childhood,
      elementary and/or middle school (3+ years or equivalent)
      - Ability to read, write and speak Spanish and English fluently
      - In-depth cross-cultural experience, and the ability to relate that experience to
      educational philosophy, cultural awareness, increased problem-solving skills and school
      - Facilitative decision-making philosophy of leadership that empowers teachers and
      engages and increases parental involvement
      - Ability to develop and effectuate a vision among all stakeholders that fosters
      professional development of the staff, maximizes the student's academic and cultural
      experience at the school and brings faculty, parents and administration together in an
      effective way.
      - The ability to identify and effectuate new key initiatives, programs, and processes
      - Knowledge and experience with planning, developing and implementing the school
      budget process and SIPPAA (School Improvement Plan for Advancing Academic
      - Expertise in grant-writing and fundraising to support school programs
      - Knowledge, understanding and experience in the creation of the student environment,
      including support, safety and discipline.
      - A commitment to maximize academic outcomes and create an open, respectful, and
      inclusive child-centered environment for children with special needs, their educators and
      their parents.
      - Excellent public-relations skills, along with a commitment to build the school's profile in
      the community, with key stakeholders and within CPS (Chicago Public Schools) and the
      greater Illinois educational community.
      - Proven ability and commitment to supporting innovative and effective teacher instruction
      in the classroom, through professional development support, resource-building,
      communication, evaluation and action
      - Ability to identify barriers to key goals and formulate and effectuate professional,
      effective and forward-thinking solutions that take into account the school's history,
      unique community and commitment to the highest academic achievement for its students.

      Job Requirements
      Education, Training and experience
      This is a four-year performance contract. In addition to the qualifications described under
      the Principal's Position Information, applicants must be eligible for a CPS (Chicago Public
      Schools) principalship under Board policy #04-0225-PO1 "Requirements for the Selection
      of Chicago Public School Principals." For more information, contact the Principal Review
      Board Office at 773-553-1454.

      Interested candidates should submit resume and cover letter by January 30, 2009 detailing
      why you want to lead Inter-American School to ALL of the three addresses below:
      1. Karen Barbour, Local School Council Principal Selection Committee Chairperson, c/o
      Inter-American Magnet School, 851 West Waveland Chicago, IL 60613
      2. Karen Barbour, 2132 W Morse Ave. Chicago, IL 60645
      3. Resume Intake Mailbox, Department of Human Resources, 125 South Clark Street,
      Chicago IL 60603 (or GSR #125)

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