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UNESCO Report to UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

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  • Dave Pearson
    The UNESCO Report to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues next week
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2008
      The UNESCO
      ent> Report to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues next week
      includes insights into several initiatives, e.g.

      "UNESCO activities planned for 2008 .

      (a) An e-forum on languages in education that contribute to and enrich data
      on mother-tongue instruction and bilingual education, with the active
      participation of indigenous organizations, individuals and experts;

      (b) Advocacy for enhancing quality learning through mother-tongue-based
      education; case studies of good practices from Canada, Mali, Papua New
      Guinea and Peru will be published and disseminated;

      (c) A series of regional workshops on inclusive education, in preparation
      for the international conference on education to be held in Geneva in
      November 2008 by the UNESCO International Bureau of Education; indigenous
      education is one of the themes to be discussed during the conference." (p.

      "Preliminary study on the advisability of developing a new standard-setting
      instrument for endangered and indigenous languages" (p. 3)

      "A concept paper on indigenous peoples' vision of sustainable development,
      entitled Development with identity and culture or Self-determined
      Development, was elaborated by Tebtebba, the Indigenous Peoples
      International centre for policy research and education, with the support of
      the UNESCO Division of cultural policies and intercultural dialogue" (p. 4)

      "A policy paper on indigenous peoples, poverty and the Millennium
      Development Goals is in the final stages of development by the UNESC local
      and indigenous knowledge systems programme." (p.4)

      "The information booklet entitled "UNESCO and indigenous peoples:
      partnership to promote cultural diversity", issued in 2006 was translated
      into French and Spanish" (p. 12)

      "The Global Action Week (Education for All) 2008 from 21 to 27 April 2008
      [will be] on the theme Quality education to end exclusion" (p. 13)

      Dave Pearson

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