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FYI: "Negotiation of Identities in Multilingual Contexts"

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  • Don Osborn
    An announcement of new book from Multilingual Matters... (at least one article in the compilation touches also on literacy) ... wrote: NEGOTIATION OF
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2003
      An announcement of new book from Multilingual Matters... (at least
      one article in the compilation touches also on literacy)

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      Edited by Aneta Pavlenko (Temple University)
      and Adrian Blackledge (University of Birmingham)

      "This collection is a step towards the development of a genuinely
      interdisciplinary sociolinguistics of globalization... Studies such
      as these compel us to thoroughly revise our traditional
      sociolinguistic toolkit" Jan Blommaert, Ghent University

      "This is a book that every author would have loved to have written,
      every editor would have been proud to assemble and every student will
      enjoy reading.... Casting a wide net, both topically and
      geographically, this book may yet come to be regarded (and deservedly
      so) as a veritable milestone along the difficult and slippery path to
      the analysis of "identity". This is a collection that readers will
      want to keep coming back to again and again." Joshua A. Fishman,
      Professor Emeritus, Yeshiva University, and Visiting Professor, NYU,
      Stanford, and Yeshiva Universities

      Key Features
      · Considers the social and historical dimensions of negotiation of
      · Presents an array of methodologies to examine the processes of
      · Contributions consider multilingual settings in Europe, North
      America, Australia, Africa and Asia

      The volume highlights the role of language ideologies in the process
      of negotiation of identities and shows that in different historical
      and social contexts different identities may be negotiable or non-
      negotiable. The chapters address various ways in which individuals
      may be positioned or position themselves in a variety of contexts. In
      asking questions about social justice, about who has access to
      symbolic and material resources, about who is 'in' and who is 'out',
      the authors take account not only of localised linguistic behaviours,
      attitudes and beliefs; they also locate them in wider social contexts
      which include class, race, ethnicity, generation, gender and
      sexuality. The volume makes a significant contribution to the
      development of theory in understanding identity negotiation and
      social justice in multilingual contexts.

      Preface/ Contributors/ Introduction Aneta Pavlenko and Adrian
      Blackledge; New theoretical approaches to the study of negotiation of
      identities in multilingual contexts.
      1. "The making of an American": Negotiation of identities at the turn
      of the 20th century Aneta Pavlenko;
      2. Constructions of identity in political discourse in multilingual
      Britain Adrian Blackledge;
      3. Negotiating between bourge and racaille: Verlan as youth identity
      practice in suburban Paris Meredith Doran;
      4. Black Deaf or Deaf Black? Being Black and Deaf in Britain Melissa
      James and Bencie Woll;
      5. Mothers and mother tongue: Perspectives on self-construction by
      mothers of Pakistani heritage Jean Mills;
      6. The politics of identity, representation, and the discourses of
      self-identification Frances Giampapa;
      7. Alice doesn't live here anymore: Foreign language learning and
      identity reconstruction Celeste Kinginger;
      8. Intersections of literacy and construction of social identities
      Benedicta Egbo;
      9. Multilingual writers and the struggle for voice in academic
      discourse Suresh Canagarajah;
      10. Identity and language use: The politics of speaking ESL in
      schools Jennifer Miller;
      11. Sending mixed messages: Language minority education at a
      Japanese public elementary school Yasuko Kanno

      Editor information
      Aneta Pavlenko is Associate Professor of TESOL in the College of
      Education, Temple University, Philadelphia, US. Her research examines
      the relationship between language and cognition, emotions, and
      identity in bi- and multilingual individuals. She is a co-editor of
      two other volumes.
      Adrian Blackledge is Senior Lecturer in the School of Education,
      University of Birmingham, UK. His research focuses on language
      ideologies, relations of power, and the role of public discourse in
      diverse societies.

      Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 45 December 2003 format: 210 x
      148mm 340 pp
      Hbk ISBN 1-85359-647-7 £59.95/ US$89.95/ CAN$119.95
      Pbk ISBN 1-85359-646-9 £27.95/ US$44.95/ CAN$64.95

      This book (and all Multilingual Matters books) can be ordered via our
      secure, fully searchable website www.multilingual-matters.com. This
      offers 20% discount to any address in the world, plus shipping
      (airmail where appropriate). Alternatively, it can be ordered through
      any bookshop, or in case of difficulty contact the publisher for
      further details of how to order.

      Kathryn King
      Marketing Manager
      Multilingual Matters/Channel View Publications
      Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall
      Victoria Road
      Clevedon, England BS21 7HH

      Tel +44 (0) 1275 876519
      Fax + 44 (0) 1275 871673
      email: kathryn@m...
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