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NABE Internat'l Bilingual/Multicultural Ed. Conf., Phoenix AZ, 18-21/1/06

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  • Don Osborn
    The U.S.-based National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) is holding its 35th Annual International Bilingual/Multicultural Education Conference in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2005
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      The U.S.-based National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) is
      holding its 35th Annual International Bilingual/Multicultural
      Education Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, January 18-21, 2006.
      Literacy is among the topics covered, and the event also includes a
      number of international presenters. An announcement (fwd from
      MultiEd-L with some reformatting) is appended below; see the NABE site
      at http://www.nabe.org/conference.html for more info. DZO

      See You in Phoenix!
      Register for NABE 2006 by December 16 and Save up to 23%

      NABE 2006 is fast approaching - January 18-21 in Phoenix, Arizona -
      and we are putting the final touches on an exciting program for our
      35th annual conference. Our theme is Connecting Worlds With Bilingual
      Education. Theconference will feature international and indigenous
      perspectives on language education, the latest research on bilingual
      programs in the United States, responses to policy challenges such as
      English-only restrictions and high-stakes testing, prospects for
      reforming the NoChild Left Behind Act, and much more.

      In addition, NABE 2006 will feature full-and half-day Preconference
      Institutes on dual language programs, indigenous bilingual education,
      special education, gifted education, early-childhood education,
      heritage languages, low-incidence ELL populations, and parent
      concerns. And don't miss our Post-Conference Tours to Sedona and the
      Grand Canyon.

      As always, the NABE conference will attract the best known experts in
      the field of bilingual education. This year there will be many new
      names as well - outstanding presenters in areas such as assessment,
      literacy, language policy, and multicultural education.

      Here's a partial roster of our confirmed Keynoters and Featured Speakers:

      Aida Walqui
      Director, Teacher Professional Development
      San Francisco, California

      Rep. Mike Honda
      Democratic Member of Congress
      San Jose, California

      Susan Ohanian
      Author, One Size Fits Few: The Folly of Educational Standards

      Stephen Krashen
      University of Southern California

      Lily Wong Fillmore
      University of California, Berkeley

      Jim Cummins
      University of Toronto

      Donaldo Macedo
      University of Massachusetts, Boston

      Luis Enrique Lopez
      El Programa de Formación en Educación Intercultural Bilingue para los
      Países Andinos
      Cochabamba, Bolivia

      Benjamin Maldonado
      Instituto Estatal de Educación Publica de Oaxaca, Mexico

      LuzMaria De La Torre and Tod Swanson
      Center for Indigenous Languages of Latin America
      Arizona State University

      Diane August and David Francis
      Authors, National Literacy Panel Study
      Center for Applied Linguistics

      Patricia Gandara
      University of California, Davis

      Thomas Doty
      Native American Storyteller
      Ashland, Oregon

      Margo Gottlieb and Lynore Carnuccio
      Authors, TESOL's K-12 English Language Proficiency Standards in the
      Content Areas

      University of Texas, Pan American

      Peterson Zah
      Arizona State University
      Former President, Navajo Nation

      Richard Littlebear
      President, Chief Dull Knife College
      Lame Deer, MT

      Joseph Lo Bianco
      Developer, Australia's National Policy on Languages
      University of Melbourne

      Simon Ortiz
      Acoma Writer and Poet
      University of Toronto

      Tereso Joj Cosme
      Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Altiplano

      Kellie Rolstad, Kate Mahoney, and Gene V Glass
      Authors, "The Big Picture: A Meta-Analysis of Program Effectiveness
      Research on English Language Learners"
      Arizona State University

      Yvonne and David Freeman
      University of Texas, Brownsville

      Fay Shin
      California State University, Long Beach

      Author, No Child Left Bilingual?
      University of New Mexico

      Teresa McCarty, Eugene Garcia, Josue Gonzalez, and Terrence Wiley
      Arizona State University

      Norm Gold
      Sacramento, California

      Jose Luis Orozco
      Author and Recording Artist
      Los Angeles, California

      Judith Munter and Josefina Tinajero
      University of Texas, El Paso

      James Crawford
      NABE Executive Director
      Author, Educating English Learners

      Meanwhile, our Special Interest Groups are planning NABE 2006
      institutes in areas including Asian and Pacific American Education,
      Critical Pedagogy, Early Childhood Education,Gifted Education, Higher
      Education, Indigenous Bilingual Education, Instructional Technology,
      Language Policy, Para-Educators, Policymakers, and Research and

      A NABE conference would not be completewithout plenty of great food,
      music, and dancing. Be sure to mark your calendars for the President's
      Reception (a free event) after ouropening ceremonies on Wednesday and
      the NABE Gala and Dance on Saturdaynight. And don't miss two
      top-flight comedians, Firoozeh Dumas, author of Funny in Farsi, and
      Jade Esteban Estrada, who will perform his one-man show, Tortilla Heaven.

      For more information about the NABE 2006program, accommodations, and
      logistics, please visit our web site at www.nabe.org.

      Copyright 2004 © National Association for Bilingual Education. All
      rights Reserved.
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