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"Diagnosing Foreign Language Proficiency: Interface betw. Lang. & Assessment"

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  • Don Osborn
    FYI. I wonder if similar methods could be used to evaluate multilingual proficiency where a foreign language is not involved. (Reading and writing skills
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2005
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      FYI. I wonder if similar methods could be used to evaluate
      multilingual proficiency where a "foreign language" is not involved.
      (Reading and writing skills being among those measured, this has
      implications for understanding multilingual literacy.) (Fwd from the
      Linguist list)... DZO

      Date: 18-Aug-2005
      From: Jennifer Lovel <jlovel@...>
      Subject: Diagnosing Foreign Language Proficiency: Alderson

      Title: Diagnosing Foreign Language Proficiency
      Subtitle: The Interface between Language and Assessment
      Published: 2005
      Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd

      Author: J Charles Alderson, Lancaster University
      Hardback: ISBN: 0826485030 Pages: 296 Price: U.S. $ 145

      This book addresses the need for tests that can diagnose the strengths
      and weaknesses in learners' developing foreign language proficiency.
      Itpresents the rationale for, and research surrounding, the
      development of DIALANG, a suite of internet-delivered diagnostic
      foreign language tests funded by the European Commission. The word
      'diagnosis' is common in discussions in language education and applied
      linguistics, but very few truly diagnostic tests exist. However, the
      diagnosis of foreign language proficiency is central to helping
      learners make progress. This volume explores the nature of diagnostic
      testing, emphasizing the need for abetter understanding of the nature
      of appropriate diagnosis.

      The book starts with a debate about how diagnostic testing might most
      appropriately be developed. Charles Alderson argues that the field has
      neglected to construct diagnostic tests, partly because other forms of
      testing have dominated the field. Alderson examines how proficiency
      has been diagnosed in the key areas of language: reading, listening,
      writing, grammar and vocabulary. The value of self-assessment is
      discussed and exemplified as a key component in developing learners',
      and teachers', awareness of the complexity of language learning. The
      book ends with a consideration of and recommendations for future
      developments in the diagnosis of foreign language proficiency.

      J. Charles Alderson is Professor of Linguistics and English Language
      Education, Lancaster University. He is a former editor of the journal
      of Language Testing

      Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

      Written In: English (ENG )

      See this book announcement on our website:
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