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Re: [Multilingual_Literacy] Plurilingual ed./women & multiliteracy/praising multilingualism

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  • skyman@elm79.fsnet.co.uk
    Don asked: How common and easily obtained are these now? Is there much in Yoruba on the web (I haven t seen it). The next step, or an additional step, in
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 23, 2003

      Don asked:

      How common and easily obtained are these
      now? Is there much in Yoruba on the web (I haven't seen it). The
      next step, or an additional step, in materials for reading, is to
      weblish - especially as young people gain access to the internet.

      I respond:

      There are regular daily newspapers and some weeklies in the southwest in the medium of Yoruba. there are scheduled regular Yoruba news runs on radio and television; there are popular Yoruba soaps  which draw audiences in rural and urban settings. In the Yoruba-dominated southwest, one state assembly voted against the adoption of Yoruba as a co-official language in 2000, but one has just adopted it unanimously in 2003! Little by little....

      'Weblish'? The only sites I have seen are University programme ones especially in the US. Even the webpage of the Yoruba diaspora is in English - I just wrote to them suggesting that they explore setting up a multilingual page and their visitors can choose whether to read them in Yoruba or any other European language (French, Spanish, Portuguese) - because the old diaspora are mainly in Brazil and a few other areas in the Carribean.  The new software for a Yoruba language keyboard means that appearance of Yoruba pages will happen soon - i hope its not just a dream.


      Message date : Aug 23 2003, 12:36 PM
      From : Don Osborn
      To : Multilingual_Literacy@yahoogroups.com
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      Subject : [Multilingual_Literacy] Plurilingual ed./women & multiliteracy/praising multilingualism
      The following links may be of interest:

      Linguapax has a page on "Plurilingual Education" at

      The Women and Literacy Special Collection has a page
      on "International and Multilingual [Literacy]" at

      A short piece by the former head of the languages division of UNESCO,
      Joseph Poth, "In praise of multilingualism" (UNESCO Courier, April
      2000), may be of interest:

      Don Osborn

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