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Re: [Multilingual_Literacy] Re: Fw: Community Literacy Project of Nepal

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  • Roshan Chitrakar
    Thank you, Don, for correcting the typo and also for drawing reader s attention for the book project. Roshan ... From: Don Osborn To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 29, 2004
      Thank you, Don, for correcting the typo and also for drawing reader's attention for the book project.
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      Subject: [Multilingual_Literacy] Re: Fw: Community Literacy Project of Nepal

      Roshan, Thank you for this information and I hope this is not so much
      an ending as a beginning. The website is very informative - there was
      a typo in your letter so here is the URL again to give readers a live
      link: http://clpn.org . I'd call readers' attention to your request
      for publishers or other associates for a book on this experience.

      Please keep us up to date on your progress. All the best!

      Don Osborn

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      > I thought I should make use of this medium to announce that the
      Community Literacy Project of Nepal (supported by DFID) is officially
      coming to an end on September 30, 2004 after the 5-year
      implementation of its innovative literacy initiatives in several
      communities of diverse cultures and languages.  A documentation based
      on stories and experiences of the practitioners linked with CLP will
      be retained in the institutional memory of World Education Nepal. 
      Some key information and knowledge-base are also available in the
      current CLP webpage (which will also be retained and updated by WEN)
      htpp://clpn.org (unfortunately for international users and
      fortunately for Nepali users, quite a number of our publications are
      in Nepali).  Efforts are being made to widen its products and
      processes in broader national context.  The Non Formal Education
      Center of the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal, will
      hopefully mainstream those products and processes specifically to
      ensure the successful operationalisation of the literacy elements of
      the EFA.
      > As a literacy practitioner who have had the opportunity to work in
      CLP as the Project Director, I and my other colleague would want to
      spend next few months or perhaps a year researching participants'
      meaning, impact of the project in the communities (most of which are
      affected by the on-going conflict and insurgency) and publishing a
      book.  We will be seeking the support of interested publishers or
      other associates for this piece of work. I sincerely believe that the
      publication will contribute to the body of knowledge with ground
      breaking practical experiences of social-justice-oriented literacy
      initiatives that are sensitive to community people's lived socio-
      cultural and linguistic context and that truly respond to their every-
      day literacy needs.
      > Your support, feedback and comments will be highly appreciated.
      > Roshan Chitrakar

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