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522New on the Multilingual_Literacy links page

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  • Don Osborn
    Jan 27, 2009
      I've added a few links to this group's links page at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Multilingual_Literacy/links . If you
      didn't kow we had a links page, check it out - and if you have
      relevant links to add, please do.

      The new links (new to the page, but not new resources) are:

      A Global Perspective on Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
      Online resource digest by G. Richard Tucker, Carnegie Mellon University

      Adult Biliteracy in the United States
      "This collection of articles by researchers and teachers explores the
      social, cognitive, and pedagogical aspects of becoming and being
      literate in two languages." Ed. by David Spencer, published by CAL.
      This link is to a description only.

      Developing Multilingual Literacy in a Complex Setting: Suggested
      Principles for Building a Crossnational Research Agenda
      "This article starts by painting a picture of the complex language
      setting in which children grow up in Luxembourg, a country where bi-
      and trilingualism is commonplace. From this background, the article
      then attempts to identify some useful principles for research
      activities in the field of multiple language literacy."