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  • Lorelai
    Hey All, Sorry I haven t answered before now. I got a job and don t even have time to check my email much anymore. The only info I ve got is that my Father in
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      Hey All,

      Sorry I haven't answered before now. I got a job and don't even have
      time to check my email much anymore.

      The only info I've got is that my Father in Law was born in Matthews
      Missouri in 1930 to a woman whose last name was Mullen who
      afterwards married a Mcquire. Who know nothing about his father
      except his last name. And it's french..lol.

      There are no paper records and no one to ask anymore.

      Cindy mullen

      --- In Mullen@yahoogroups.com, w <IDAHODM@S...> wrote:
      > Hi, Cindy. My Mullen pedigree as far as I know it.
      > 1. Dann Mullen - Born July, 1950 (Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho).
      Jeanine Kirby (wife) born March, 1950 - married March, 1976 (Idaho
      Falls, Bonneville, Idaho). Children: Clark, Craig, Jeff & April
      > 2. Kenneth Mullen (father - alive) - Born October, 1917 (Mankato,
      Jewell, Kansas. Marjorie Pickett (wife - alive) born August, 1920 -
      married September, 1941 (Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho). Children:
      David (alive), Carlan (alive) & Dann.
      > 3. Lester Mullen (Grandfather - dead) - Born February, 1896 (Pilot
      Grove Township, Montgomery, Iowa). Eva Baldwin (wife - dead) born
      October, 1898 - married August, 1915 (Esbon, Jewell, Kansas).
      Children: Kenneth (alive) & Maxine (alive).
      > All are dead from this point on.
      > 4. Clark Mullen (1st Great Grandfather) - Born 1861 (Rochelle,
      Ogle, Illinois). Sarah Newman (wife) born 1861 - married December,
      1885 (Pilot Grove Township, Montgomery, Iowa). Children: Roy,
      Florence, Guy, Charles, Philip, Howard (twin), Lester (twin),
      Harold, Grace, Lena, & Loyd.
      > 5. Ebenezer Mullen, Jr. (2nd Great Grandfather) - Born 1836 (Upper
      Canada). Lucinda Stearns (1st wife & direct descendant of) born
      1838 - married 1860 (Lee County, Illinois). Children: Clark, Bert,
      Emery "Bud" (twin) & Emma (twin). Maria Garside (2nd wife) married
      in late 1880's (Montgomery County, Iowa.
      > Children: Dora &Russell,
      > 6. Ebenezer Mullen, Sr. (3rd Great Grandfather) - Born, about 1810
      (Ireland). Mary Brundige (wife) born 1811 - married 1828 (Upper
      Canada). Children: Daniel, Levi, Nathaniel, Ebenezer & Isaac.
      > From Lester Mullen on, all names are on www.ancestry.com, and can
      be found via a search. These Mullens came from Ireland prior to
      1828 to Upper Canada (now Ontario), to North Central Illinois around
      1855, to Southwest Iowa around 1873, to East Central Colorado in
      1906, to North Central Kansas, to Southeast South Dakota prior to
      1920, and to Eastern Idaho in 1935. I now live in Meridian (just
      west of Boise), Idaho. Hopefully there is something here for a match
      for your husband. I have more information available if this works
      out for your husband.
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