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Sept 11

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  • Fuad Mahmood
    Today (writing time) is the 29th of september, and its only yesterday that I had been going through a bulk of the last weeks postings in this group. Much of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2001
      Today (writing time) is the 29th of september, and its only yesterday that I had been going through a bulk of the last weeks postings in this group. Much of my thoughts have been into the Sept 11 incident, maybe becuase of the interest I take in world affairs, but also I guess its the way this news hit me.

      I pray to Almighty for the ease of pain and mental peace of those who lost their close relations to this horrific and barbaric act of terrorism against Humanity itself, and further extend my prayers for every single Americans, who undoubtedly had been traumatized by this incident.

      It was interesting to learn that Some Arab friend of us (as-sahawa.com posting) believes that it is the Jews who did it. Well, may be he is too emotional, or too narrow-minded to see the world in glasses other than his. In my opinion, there are three kinds of Jews: The Ordinary Jews, The Good Jews and The Bad Jews. The bad jews are certainly the zionists, who like all other terrorists, are not representee of their faith nor are the they true followers of their religion. They are simply using the Religion to earn that extra dime for themselves, irrespective of the means by which they are doing so. Like the Jew zionists, there are Muslim 'zionists', Christian 'zionists', Hindu 'zionists' and so on. Unfortunately, this few zionist are having power and hence, when we think Jews, we think zionists. The Ordinary Jews are like a liquid, which takes the shape of the container it is held in, i.e. they are very much influenced by those in power, and since it is the zionists who hold the power today, their thinking follows that line. 'The Good Jews', I guess needs no introduction [in my opinion, the same can be held for all religions]. Coming back to the Arab friend (Can't recall the name), we shouldn't blame anybody without solid proof, be it Osama, or the Jews, though there seems to be some indications in that directions.

      There was also another guy who thinks that Islam itself is very violent religion and commands the killing of the non-believers. Though He is certainly very wrong in that, I do not blame him for his comments. He, just like the Arab friend, failed to go beyond his limited scope to understand the true facts. An American interviewee [most probably non-Muslim], on BBC radio, said that "...whenever he gives a speech about Islam, he begins by asking the audience the first thing that springs to their minds when they hear the word 'Islam'; invariably the answer is 'terrorism'. Yet nothing is more alien to Islam than terrorism and indescriminate violence against innocent people and property." [source:Impact International, Aug 2001,first thing first; pg 4]. So, you see, its actually the media that has been promoting a violent picture of Islam. When the Christian conquered Jerusalem, they killed 70,000 people. The Church in the medieval Europe was involved in a long 'crusade' against the Jews and the unitarian Christians. Does this two facts (and numerous others) prove that Christianity is a violent religion? NEVER. Jesus(p.b.u.h) never taught violence. It was some power hungry zealots who used religion (and general people's love for God) to fulfill their own desires in this world. If the same thing happened with Islam, one should understand that these are people who are disgrace to the human race, and not people who struggles for the cause of religion. My personal suggestions to this friend would be to get a good introductory book (there are some biased ones though, so be careful) on the Islam and maybe try to discuss about Islam in His community mosque.

      We Muslims are also to blame for such misconception of Islam. Ask youself, how much of Islam do you follow? I for one, surely would fail if I were to answer it honestly. Despite knowing the fact, we are to face Almighty Allah one day, we live in this world like we will be here forever. What if You or I were in the WTC, among the unfortunate ones. Would we have had time to prepare ourselves for death. If only we tried our best to be obedient to what the Prophet taught, the world would have been respecting us and we ourselves would have been much better off. If we change ourselves today, tomoorow people like our friend would change their perception of us.

      It seems the world is going into war, following this incident. But everyone knows that war is no answer to terrorism. Terrorism should be fought at the root. If one has a tumour, every day cleaning the puss will mean letting it grow again tomorrow, but having an operation to remove it altogether would be the correct way to get rid of it for good. We borrowed this world from our children. Lets all work and pray for a better world for them. Remember we are old, its our children who will face the consequences of our actions.

      Thank you and forgive me if I wronged and hurt anybody (which is not what I intended).
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