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The CHT accord and the prevailing situation in CHT, Bangladesh

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  • mithun chakma
    The CHT accord and the prevailing situation in CHT Eight year of signing the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace accord have passed till there there is no peace
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      The CHT accord and the prevailing situation in CHT
      Eight year of  signing the Chittagong Hill Tracts 'Peace accord' have passed till there there is no peace and real solution in CHT. The CHT accord was signed in 1997 on 2nd december in Dhaka between the then Awamileague Government and the JSS or Jana Samhati Samiti. In the accord it comprises many hopefull and bully words, but the reality is it has no implementing capabilty because of the complex administrative formation in CHT. As  Mr. sakhawat hossain a security expert told in a function that ' signing of the treaty was nothing but doing some formalities.It should have been signed after more study and discussion'( ref- Daily New age,30 november,2005). We also think that the CHT accord was signed so eary that it did not even think about the implementiing problem compare with the Government's rule.
      Now in CHT there is more than six administrative authority or unit running paralally.These are-
      (1) The District commissioner (DC) running through central administration.
      (2) The CHT ministry affairs run by now a deputy minister name maniswapan Dewan.
      (3) The CHT development board the economical lever in CHT run by a chairman. now the chairman is MP wadud bhuian.
      (4) The military also is in authoritative status under the 'Operation Uttaran'.
      (5) The CHT regional and District Council also exercise power .
      (6) The three chiefs, chakma, Bhomang and the Mong chiefs also has some power .
      (7) The elected parliament member or MP also exercise some power.
      The problem among these authority is there is no uniform rules or regulation to control these authority. So the organ or sub-organ of the Government now fall in jeopardise.They don't know how they will be controled. So sometimes we see in paper bargaining among these authority. Now the CHT accord is at stake for this matter.Unless the CHT administrative authority is uniformly formed there will be problem in implementing the CHT accord.
      The other thing is the CHT Jumma  people do not think that the CHT accord fulfilled there all demand. So they are now under the Leadership of United People's Democratic Front(UPDF). UPDF is political party based in CHT demanding for full autonomy . The party think that the accord did not and would not fulfill the Jumma people's demand.Full Autonomy means , The CHT jumma people will have access in all affairs of CHT, only the Finance, Foreign affairs, Defence and Heavy industry in control of the central Government. This is UPDF's demand and we think the Government must think of these demand seriously.
      For many days the CHT problem was a big problem for Bangladsh. The all past successive Government did not seriously addressed the CHT people's demand. So there was armed struggle which was colled by Government as insurgency movement.The then armed struggle influenced all affairs of Bangladesh. The CHT problem was a headach for the country.
      When the CHT accord was signed all one thought that the CHT problem was solved but the tragedy is till it is not realy solved.
      The Government's thinktank still think CHT Jumma people as the enemy. So they prefer Military Rule in CHT which is now running under 'Operation Uttaran'.We all know that military authority do not suit with democracy. It only hinder the democratic rights.So the CHT People's first demand is - Repeal the military rule under the `Operation Uttaran' in CHT. After than the next step will come. But at first the Government must show His  willingness by repealing the Military rule in CHT.
      We hope the Government's stand on CHT people will be friendly.
      Mithun Chakma
      email address: mithunlinguistics@...

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