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Eradicational Priorities

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  • Shampaan
    _______________________ Eradicational Priorities ________________________ by: Shampan-e-Shindh January 31st, 2002 I have often made enough attempts to praise
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      Eradicational Priorities

      by: Shampan-e-Shindh
      January 31st, 2002

      I have often made enough attempts to praise all local cultures of any
      part of the world. I skipped the religion, now I am adding that
      agenda. Regarding Bangladesh, all our heritages are part of us; and
      all deserve equal respect authenticated by mutual appreciation and
      understanding. There should not have been any scorns that divide us.

      Our recent inter-religious scorns are explained best at the roots.
      The religions themselves condemn hatred. There are enough mis-
      presentations of religious text to breed more hatred. The dogma that
      has egressed, has eradicated the harmony necessary for rational
      discussions. Allow me to go outside the Bangladeshi boundaries, then
      I will return to our dear homeland to tie up the threads.

      Atheism, is not banned by any religion. There are plenty of pre-
      existing religious mis-interpretations that make these complexities
      more untouchable. The only possible escape to see a clear
      understanding, is by eradicating "hatred". Not as easily done as to
      be said, but that should not be our excuse to give up impartiality
      and take sides to breed more hatred. We need a lot more impartial,
      neutral participants in the front line. I have said this over and
      over again, we need a good neutral front, .. <<Personal Note: my
      personal interest is really irrelevant, as days pass, my chances of
      returning to Bangladesh are getting thinner and thinner. My life will
      have no materialistic impact, if Bangladesh did not exist, morally I
      will be shattered, of course.>>.

      Islamists have dogmatized themselves, in this huffy environment,
      their lack of rationality has over-shadowed most Islamic rectitude. I
      personally, have always debated with them. I have disagreed with
      their interpretations and conceptualizaiton of Islam. But I only do
      it with them, on their face. Most often after half an hour, they
      asked me, "Are you a Hindu?" My reply always has been, "does that
      change the value of my opinion?" Then I have discussed further before
      I explained, IMHO, I am a Muslim, but they should not believe they
      are more Muslim than I, same as I do not judge if I am more than
      them. There are plenty of hadeeth bashing on this forum. I have
      openly discussed with moulanas in Australia about Rashad Khalifa`s
      opinion, which should have had my head chopped. But my head is still
      here writing this message, filled with regret, why most people cannot
      criticize Islamic mis-applications, without the hatred.

      I have been few times in mosques in all of my life abroad, more often
      I have been to Christianic prayer gatherings. In most prayers on
      both, I have often argued about the term "pagan" being thrown at many
      religions who are not clearly monotheists. Once, during his lecture
      at Friday gathering in a mosque, one moulana gave his criticism of
      all pagan faiths, I quietly walked out. I did not jump and scream, I
      could take him to court and make money or get a medal, I did not. I
      caught him later, and tried to explain how wrong he is. He did not
      agree with me, and my head is still here. But I doubt he will go
      slandering again.

      If you look at all the accusations, Islam cannot be blamed. It is the
      hate-breeding that naturally provokes all religions, now has over-
      shadowed most religious rectitudes. Islam is the first victim,
      perhaps they are more easily stirred, perhaps .. a larger community
      wants it eradicated. And the roots of all these hatred, are not

      For those jumping up and down, throwing mud over this issue, taking
      sides,.. I perosnally feel THESE HATE BREEDERS are the roots of our
      current problems, heaving dogma instead of impartiality. From
      Bangladeshi perspective, I will probably support Indian initiatives
      more; because, they have shown more compassion towards us. Pakis,
      however much impartial I like to be, they need to get their "dogma"
      controlled. I am well aware of Pakistani brutality towards us, in the
      last moment they beheaded many of our scholars to blinded us, they
      took our enterpreneurs and crippled our economy. My father at that
      time, put his neck online, copied the blue-prints of bridges and
      other constructions and handed them to muktijodhyas; the <<genuine>>
      muktijodhyas know him. He wrote in pseudonym for many years. Not for
      the public, but mostly at the university circulations; there is a
      hint for those who think. Stir not the public too much, eradicate all
      pseudo, with caution to stop all stirring, and bring forth harmony
      and rectitude.

      Kashmere is a both sided fault. Both India and Pakistan are foolishly
      dancing to the tunes they think they can capitalize on. If India has
      had problems with only Muslims, .. ask the Srilankans, why they are
      wary of India. (need I be more explicit?). These complexities are
      given more vitality by our so high spirited cognized mud-throwers of
      all varieties.

      Islamists need rationalizing, but in this relentless "grotesque
      slandering", they are so dogmatized, it is beyond any rational
      approach to be presented to them. Heads will be chopped now, thanks
      to our mud-throwers with titles.

      Comments I hear, from some of the groups, are unjustified enough to
      give their titles a second glance. "May no hordes of barbarians not
      invade India again", what does that have got to do with Islam? Nadeer
      Shah, I will scorn with more justificaiton than them, I do not see
      what that has to do with Islam. If Islam was properly propagated in
      Indian sub-continent, many Islamists will be upset, but I will admit,
      it was not. I have said so, on this before the mud-throwers here.
      But Nadeer Shah has nothing to do with it. You cannot say all
      historical Islamic figures in the sub-continent were hordes(?).
      Mughols, there are mixed pictures, Mughols have to do with Islam as
      much as Henry VIII had with Christianity. But, where the Hindu
      monarchs much better? Be truthful my friends, monarchs are always of
      the same sort, with few exceptions and there also the ratio will be
      obvious pertaining to religious backgrounds. Might as well let these
      <cognized hooligans> twist the history of Hathem Thai and Khaja
      Mohinuddin Chisti!!

      If they mix up Nadeer Shah and Islam, let us allow these "Dr"`s to do
      more mud throwing, we should watch them and mix up all Khan titles.
      Might as well, turn Ghenghis Khan an Islamic prophet, or his grandson
      Halaku Khan, THOSE "HORDES", did brutalize Arab territories just as
      much, in case these "Dr"`s do not see how flawed their ideas are.

      Atheism, is not scorned by Islam, these twisted slanderings, however
      much decieving, have nothing to do with religion or any form of
      rectitude. Lalon Fakir was what? A genuine humanist. I doubt any
      religious figure would have ordered his head to be chopped. >>Atheism
      is a large community<<, with variety of pseudo-humanists (impostors)

      These issues need rational discussions, but currently, IMHO, our
      first objective should be to eradicate those "impostors", before we
      can bring any rationality. Be impartial, I am with you if you wish to
      chase the fake-priests (bhondo-peer); but first look at your
      associates, are they truly humane athiests?

      Now coming to our homeland again. Our dogma is also being escalated
      by external political complexity. To have them more connected, more
      convolution shall occur. Yes it is about time, we start speaking to
      moulanas with more strong words,.. NOT HATRED. The more arrogant one
      gets, it will be reflected back with equal irrationality.

      It is about time, we tell our local moulanas, to utilize their energy
      into our local problems. We have poverty, we have hunger, they can
      contribute a lot. We need to bring their attentions to solutions that
      are achievable. It should be pointed to these moulanas, the problems
      in Palestine are partially due to the "psuedo-Islamic"
      infrastructures in the Arab world. Those leaders do not have enough
      faith to stand against the powers, they want our moulanas to stand
      against. Those leaders with more resources sitting on Arab soil, fold
      their own hands, and push our local politics to be dogmatized. If
      someone speaks those words, with imparitality, not only me, many
      Muslims will respond. But any slandering and hate-breeding.. I do not
      care, if you are a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, feminist, KKK,
      whatever,.. go somewhere else and throw mud, leave our homeland alone.

      And these mud-throwers find a new "chicanery" utilization of their
      titles. Picking on moulanas with most irritating slanderings, with
      some hope of poltical gain, monetary too perhaps. You cannot support
      either side here, neither should we have them both scorned. My
      personal view suggests, all slanderings should be eradicated. BUT
      first must be the more cognized ones, hence these external resourced
      ones. The problems are complex as they are, any external exploitation
      should be given all the fence we can gather, .

      IF A*L* was so good, with their external visions, Jamaath could not
      come on the surface. It takes two to tango. Our crime, corruption,
      outlawry is has nothing to do with religious movements.

      It is about time, we threw all external "stirring" out of our
      boundaries. It is not to hate India or Pakistan, the rationality has
      to be brought back within this whole region. We must keep on trying
      to be impartial. None of those are so perfect to be trusted
      blindedly. None of those should be hated, HATE HAS TO GO, NO BUTs.

      First eradication, IMHO, must be these mud-throwers. I know Mrs Majid
      praised some of the concepts of Salman Rushdie. With all due respect,
      I would state, (if she reads this message), a simple truth, Salman
      Rushdie is a great writer, and scholarly. But religion has nothing to
      do with it. He could not give a *freakin hoot* about any rectitude of
      any form, atheistic ethics or humanity. He knew the cretins would
      jump up and down being stirred, and would make him more famous and
      richer. Simple tricks of trade.

      Similarly all such "opportunists" should be given the proper
      treatment; not scorn, not hatred, but <<simple truth>>. Our cognized
      ones should make public less stirred. There is no other choice.

      Love for All
      Great and Small
      Equally and Impartial.

      That is the gist of any faith; monotheist, polytheist, atheist. All
      others are wrong. And those all others, all religions condemn;
      regardless of nationality, age, race, sex, appearance, religion.

      Simple resolutions.


      ©2002 by Shampan-e-Shindh
      All Rights Reserved by the Author.


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