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Rich India despises its daughters

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  • Syed M. Islam
    This is very disturbing. ~Syed M. Islam ... Rich India despises its daughters Vijaya Sharma (www.HindustanTimes.com) Kolkata, January 29, 2005|22:40 IST If you
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      This is very disturbing.

      ~Syed M. Islam

      Rich India despises its daughters

      Vijaya Sharma (www.HindustanTimes.com)

      Kolkata, January 29, 2005|22:40 IST

      If you thought it was the poverty-stricken who silenced their little
      girl in the womb or strangled, poisoned and crushed her to death as
      soon as she was born, then you were wrong. The rich despise their
      daughters with equal passion. In some cases, more passionately.

      The sex ratio in the 0-6 age group has fallen alarmingly from 945
      per 1000 in 1991 to 927 per 1000 in 2001. And the incidence of female
      infanticide is highest - paradoxically - among the most prosperous
      communities in India.

      While the incidence is highest in northern states such as Punjab,
      Delhi and Haryana, economically strong states in the south such
      as Salem are also amazingly poor in social indicators.

      More rich kill their daughters

      UNICEF consultant Satish Agnihotri's studies have found that the
      incidence of female foeticide is, in fact, higher in the prosperous
      regions of the country, resulting in a significant decline in the
      sex ratio even in urban areas. The Census of India 2001 says there
      is a 32-point decline in the sex ratio in urban areas, as against
      a 14-point fall in rural regions.

      Agnihotri's study found, for instance, that prosperous families have
      fewer daughters in Madhya Pradesh; and some parts of Punjab have a
      sex ratio of just 800 females (per 1,000 males).

      Sample this: The child sex ratio in prosperous states like Punjab,
      Haryana, Gujarat and Delhi has fallen below 900; and in some
      districts, like Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab) it is 754:1000 with both
      Patiala and Kurukshetra (Haryana) having only 770 girls. Ahmedabad
      (814) and South West Delhi (845) are not far behind.

      In Punjab the figure is down to a shocking 793 girls (875 in 1991);
      in Haryana 820 (879); in Gujarat 878 (928); in Delhi 865 (915); in
      Himachal Pradesh 897 (951) and in Rajasthan 909 (916).

      Child Sex Ratio

      A massive decline in urban areas across north India. What it means
      The high incidence of the death of the girl child among these well-
      off groups is indicative of the poor status of women in these
      societies and the overpowering desire to have a male child, who does
      not have to be married off with a dowry and who apparently will carry
      the family name forward.

      It points to a rot in the social, cultural fabric of these societies
      which needs to be addressed rather than just powering the economy as
      statistics show that money is certainly not equals to gender equality.

      Link: http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1219723,0008.htm
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