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19048Re: Holy Wars in Buddhism and Islam: The Myth of Shambhala (Full Version)

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  • subimal chakrabarty
    Dec 11, 2010
      1. Religion can play progressive roles. There are many examples. It does not matter what name (Jihad/Crusade or any other name) we give to this role in the overall advancement of the society. If the Myanmar Buddhist monks launch a united movement to remove dictatorship from the country and if they get inspiration from Buddhism, that should be all right as long as after removal of the dictatorship they do not want to push the Myanmar society backward using religious slogan. Capturing the state power by a religious political party is not desirable at all. We can give a lot of examples from the contemporary history. Religious parties have limitations and cannot advance the society beyond certain limits. As history tells us, they themselves eventually become the dictator. We know the evils that a theocratic state can bring in. Main leadership should be in the hands of the progressive political parties.
      2. Why do many people see Jihad with suspicion? It is because of the political groups which are waging it and also the way they are waging it. What vision do these groups have about the future Islamic societies? Was the one that the Taliban created in Afghanistan an ideal modern society? What about bombing mosques and innocent people that they are carrying out in the name of Jihad? It does not matter what is written (for example, purification of one's self from inside) in theology. The bottom line is that common people are not impressed at all by many activities of the Jihadists. That has created a lot of confusion about Jihad. I am not aware of any holy war currently being waged by the Buddhist monks that is comparable with the holy war currently being used by the Islamists.

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      Subject: Holy Wars in Buddhism and Islam: The Myth of Shambhala (Full Version)

      I found something interesting:

      Holy war in Buddhism

      A spiritual and historical approach of Buddhism toward Islam - written by Dr. Alexander Berzin 

       Min Khin Kyaw



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