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19043Topography of TERROR, Anglo Saxon Brahaminical Bengal Replicates NAZI Germany!

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  • palashc b
    Oct 23, 2010
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      Topography of TERROR, Anglo Saxon Brahaminical Bengal Replicates NAZI Germany!

      Indian Holocaust My Father`s Life and Time - FIVE Hundred Twelve

      Palash Biswas



      Topography of TERROR, Anglo Saxon Brahaminical Bengal Replicates NAZI Germany!

      Let us wait for the Gas Chambers and concentraition Camps! The Maoist Menace is NOTHING in Comparison as the Personality Cult shapes in Hell Losing in Bengal. Since, Ambedkarite Ideology or Aboriginal Indigenous Legacy of resistance could NOT Unite all the NON Brahamin Communities as it happened in Tamilnadu under Dravidian Movement led by EVR Periyar, singling out the Foreign Origin Brahamins only.

      Thus, Bengal has NO Scope of Respite.

      BALAJI TIRUPATI, Tiruchirapalli, Maduari, Coimbtore, Chidambaram with strong Hindu Rulers like Satvahan, Chola, Pallav and Pandya dynasties in Tamilnadu made the Non Aryan Dravidan People slaves of the aryan Brahamins for thousands of years. But Periyar with his excellent anti Brahamin Self Respect Movement with Caste Annihilition, Dravidian Nationality and Gender equality FINISHED the Brahaminical Hegemony so ancient.

      Contrarily,in Bengal neither Hindutva nor Brahaminical Hegemony has any ROOTS at all.

      But they succeeded to divide the Non Aryan Majority Ninety Percent Population and the Micro Minority Three Percent Brahamins Rule Bnegal with Five Percent SHUDRA KAYSTHA and Baidya support as they could co opt the Majority Forty Two Percent OBC communities under graded Hierarchial Caste System.

      Brahamins systematically Partitioned Bengal as well as India and did eject out the most Militant SC communities like NAMOSHUDRA, Paundra Kshatriya and Rajbangshi and scattered them countrywide depriving them of Citizenship, Human and Civic Rights in Brahamin Made Calamities Infinite strengthened afresh with Citizenship Amedment Act and UNIQUE Identity Number Project ADHAAR!

      The Rise of Hitler had the same Scenario as we witness in transitional Benagl today.

      The same Personality Cult and Ritual Worship have blinded our vision, wisdom and reasoniong.

      Blind Brahaminical Nationality is coined by Brahamins to enslave us and it is the glorification of Brahaminical Rule in which we are INDULGED head to Bottom!

      The legacy of Aboriginal Indigenous Sustenance as well as Resistance continued with Tebhaga and Naxalite Uprising, Food Movement.

      But the Brahamin Marxists killed the continuity as they adopted most Agrresive Communal Brahamical Hindu nationality ensuring Brahamincal Monopoly in every sphere of life in their tenure of Thirty Five years continuous.

      Thus, Rural development and Land Reforms only boosted the Brahaminacal Hegemony which has to face virtually NO Resistance as LPG Mafia hold the State Power and Political Economy.

      Foreign Capital Inflow,Capitalist Ways of Development, Indiscriminate Urbanisation, Industrialisation, SEZ Chemical Hub, Retail, Nuclear Eenergy Drive, Big Dams, Knowledge Economy, GM Food , Green Revolution and Infrastructure made Aboriginal Indigenous Minority Mulnivasi Bahujan Communities Scape Goats of Monopolistic Brahaminical Aggression Fascist as well as Imperialist.

      The Corporate War and Maoist Menace completed the task of Ejection, Displacement resultant in EXODUS.

      Now, our people divided in SC, ST, OBC and Muslim Christian Buddhist Identities support the Kolkata kali trying for a COUP.

      In fact, it is the colonial ANGLO Saxon Character of Bengali Brahamins, which does Replicate Nazi Germany heralding Unprecedented Ethnic Cleansing , Unprecedented Civil war and Unprecedented Violence.

      Bengal boasts to have killed Caste system with Progressive , Secular, Marxist Ideologies.

      The claim is RIDICULOUS.

      Brahamins have NO Historical Roots in Bengal as they have in the Cow Belt and South India.

      But nowhere in India, Brahamins have gained so much so after Independence Marginalising Ninety Percent Majority Population.

      No where in India, the SC, ST and OBC and even the Muslims and Christians are so much so HINDUISED that they have lost their Roots, Identities and SUBORDINATE themselves to voluntary SUBORDINATION in SUB Humanity.

      No where in India, SC, ST and OBC Communities and the Converted aboriginal Indiegenous People are DENIED Justice, Equality, Civic and Human Rights as in Brahaminical Bengal.

      Bengali MIcro Minority Immigrant Brahamins with Kayastha and Biadyee communities got their FOOT Hold in Bengal only after the Permanent Land Settlement system which made them Zamindar.

      The ZAMINDARI and its MONOPOLISTIC Celebration of Durga Puja Continues in the Post Modern Manusmriti rule!

      The Ambedkarite Movement is a Total disaster and NO NON Brahaminical Movement did try to challenge the Brahaminical Hegemony.

      How the Caste May be Annihilated with the Brahaminical System, Hegemony and Monopoly getting strength to strength continuously?

      Even the Anti Brahmin Matua Movement is captured by the Brahamins.

      Without Destroying the Ritual PRIVILEGE, we do dream a Change!

      The Most circulated Bengali Daily owned by SHUDRA publishers, Never Forgets to tag BRAHMIN SANTAN with Indian Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee.

      The Newspaper published a G20 report from South Korea with a By Line of a Brahamin Journalist known for his Commitment to Ms Mamata Banerjee which glorifies all the Brahamins once again and highlights the Manusmriti Rule in Bengal.

      All Kolkata Newspapers Highlighted the Performance of Vedic ritual by the Brahamin Finance Minister during Durga Puja Celebration.

      Bengal has Never been Aryan in History.

      King Shashanka is known as the Oldest Ruler of Gaura who defeated Magadh Empire and annexed Kannauj. He is alleged to destroy the BODHI Briksha in Bodh Gaya and painted as Anti Buddhism.

      Since he was SHAIVA, the worshipper of Shiva, he is claimed to be a Hindu.

      The term came in vogue only after the Muslims captured India.

      While, the Non Aryan people of Indus Saraswati valley Civilisation used to worship Shiva, who represented the forces of Nature, Productivity and Welfare.

      Aboriginal Bengal worshipped Shiva and kali, Not Durga!

      The SHAIVA and Shakta people worshipped the aboriginal God and Goddess!It does not mean that Bengal was either Aryan or Hindu.

      The story of Sati and the formation of 51 or more Sati Peeth countrywide annexing all aboriginal Gods and Goddesses as reincarnation of Rudra Shiva, the vedic God and Parvati, the Vedic Goddess was the specific Phenomenon of Hinduisation of Aboriginal Indigenous Humanscape.

      Bengal was Never Hindu just because you may NOT find any ancient Structure of Hindu Temples anywhere in Bengal as you may find in North or South India.

      Magadh had no Impact on Aboriginal Bengal as Indigenous and Aboriginal rulers used to rule all over Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and the North East.

      The aboriginal Indigenous Rulers sustained themselves even in eighteenth Century and Resisted the Colonial Rule.

      Santhal, Munda, Kol, Gond, Bhil, Koiry, Chuar Insurrections are well documented to prove this point.

      Moreover, the last independent Ruler of Bengal, Rani Rasmani was a fisher woman.

      The Indigenous Aboriginal Communities in Bengal adopted Buddhism during Pal Dynasty.

      Only the Rajendra Chola of Dravidian Tamilnadu intervened during Pal Dynasty who defeated Mahi Pal.Rajendra Chola ruled Bengal, Myanmar and Vietnam.

      Then the Sen dynasty Immigrated from Karnataka introdueced the Brahaminical System. Forfully the Buddhist were CONVERTED to Hindutva and were made UNTOUCHABLES.Those untouchables had to CONVERT themselves once again to ISLAM or Christianity due to unbearable atrocities of Brahamins in Bengal.

      Only during Sen Dynasty, the Bengali Aboriginal Indigenous people came to know about Hindu Vedic Worshipping and Ritual Performances as the Sen Rulers made Powerful Community Leaders Brahamins to run the Brahaminical system.

      They improted Brahamins from Kannuj.

      Even today, the Bengali Brahamins feel proud to declare themselves KANYKUBJA while most of them are Converted Hindus from Aboriginal Indigenous Communities.

      No where in India, Brahamins have the same titles as SC, ST, Obc and Muslim communities have.

      That is why, Pune Brahamins consider Pranab Mukherjee a Kayastha Brahamin, the Shudra who was made Brahamin!

      Jaidev, the Classical sanskrit Poet of Geet Govindam fame introduced Vaishnav Cult of Hindutva during Sen Dynasty which was made Popular by Shri Chaitnaya Mahaprbhu with his philosophy of Love.

      Hindutva was established with this Vaishnav Cult sidelining Shiava and Shakta Indgenous Aboriginal streams.

      Meanwhile, all aboriginal Gods and Goddesses, Totems and semi gods and goddesses were co opted in Hindutva.

      All this happened only after the Sen Dynasty controlled and Won Bengal.

      Bengali literature and langauge originated from Aboriginal Charaya Pada.

      The Philosophy shaped in with Sufi Baul Folk Cult.Even the Nobel Laureate rabindra Nath Tagore had been Inspired with BAUL CULT and his poetry is deep rooted in Folk and Baul fakir philosophy!

      Thus, Bengali Peotry began with Folk aborignal Mangal Kavya. Originated form Folk, Bengali Poetry is now raped with Brahamincal Corruption and lost its way. You may not find anything rooted in Indigenous aboriginal Folk Humanscape in Benagli Prose or Poetry punched with Hard Core PORN in urban Semi Urban landscape contrary to the Bengali Literature written in Bangladesh which is deep rooted in Rural Folk landscape and has NO impact of Bastardised Brahaminical Culture!

      All the Three Governments before Independence were headed by Muslims with SC cabinet Ministers.

      Only Fazlul Haq government had Shyama Prasad Mukherjee as a Minister which made inroads for Muslim league Politics as the Peasanst were betrayed by Shyama Haq Ministry.

      Bengal United had NO Place for BRAHMIN, KAYASTHA or Baidyee who rule West Bengal and have Captured Indian Politics as well as Economy to destroy Bharat Varsh opting for AMERICANISED Sensex Shining India of Ruling Class fed by Foreign Capital.

      That is why West Bengal captured by and ruled by BRAHAMINICAL Hegemony leaves NO Space for Aboriginal Indiegenous Communities, SC, ST, OBC and Converted People!

      Periyar Quotes

      1. The mighty Service rendered by Periyar is not a mere life story of an individual; it is an Era, an Epoch, and a turning point.



      6. Devotion is nothing but one's private asset. But morality is a public asset. If there is no devotion nothing is lost. But if there is no morality everyting is lost.
      7. Showing gratitude is a duty of the beneficiaries; if benefactors expect gratitude it is nothing but mean – mindedness !
      8. If one has to earn honour and be ever enthusiastic in life, he has to dedicate himself and compete to offer his service to humanity.
      9. Blind faiths could be eradicated only through the acts of destruction. Only those who possess conviction of courage and clarity of mind, devoid of least doubt. . only those who do not care about being slandered and dare to face even death, can accomplish that task!
      10. Because of their compromising attitude, softened approach and tactical behaviour, our country's reformers' labours of thousands of years of have not borne fruits.
      11. Neem will not taste sweet, nor honey bitter unless there is something wrong with mouth or tongue, and tiger will not eat grass unless there is some mutation in its birth. So is the nature of "Brahmins" !
      12. What is my life mission ?
      13. The Brahmins (upper caste) have gained unjust privileges and 'higher' status through law, scriptures and religion. I am doing the work of eradicating those "privileges" and "status" which are being used by them to injure the interests of the toiling non-Brahmin "lower caste" people. And this is my Life Mission !
      14. There is no god
      15. There is no god
      16. There is no god at all
      17. He who invented god is a fool.
      18. He who propagates god is a knave
      19. He who worships god is a primitive.
      21. If anyone is committed to serve the human race and if he is honest and wise, he should be involved in the work of eradicating the superstition of god.
      22. The temples are not built for gods. They have come up for the livelihood of the Brahmins and to degrade and exploit the common people.
      23. The epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are meant to ensnare the Dravidians in the Aryan net, and to make them bereft of honour and rational thought.
      24. He who invented the concepts of Soul, Heaven, Hell, Rebirth and the Other World of our forefathers is a knave. One who believes them is a fool. One who enjoys the fruits arising out of these concepts is the worst scoundrel.
      25. The root cause of all your short-comings is your acceptance of the status of 'Sudras' meekly. Be ashamed of it. It is better to die in the struggle to eradicate that degradation than to live as sudras.(Sudras means "bastards" according to Manu.)
      26. What is morality?
      27. One should behave towards others in the same manner as he would expect others to behave towards him. And this is my definition of 'morality'!
      28. To annihilate caste, get rid of god, religion, shastras, puranas and laws which justify it.
      29. The word "Manly behaviour " is nothing but degradation of women. . Women will have no freedom unless they abolish this concept of "Manly behaviour".
      30. A woman practising fidelity to her husband out of fear for 'sin',
      31. A woman remaining 'chaste' out of fear of her 'exposure of infidelity'
      32. A woman being devoted to her husband for fear of 'slander on her honour',
      33. A woman being faithful to her husband out of fear for 'retribution',
      34. All belong to the same category !
      35. The discrimination based on the system of dividing the producers as 'labourers' and 'capitalists' should not exist. It is nothing but slavery for the workers to be mere wage – earners ("coolies") instead of being equal partners.
      36. Will rats ever be freed by the efforts of cats?
      37. Will the non-Brahmins get equality through the goodwill and efforts of the Brahmins?
      38. Even if these impossibilities become realities, women will not get freedom by the efforts and goodwill of men.
      39. If any human being wants to believe a thing, it should be perceptible to any one of the five senses or either to thought, or word or deed (Thirikarnas).
      40. Inequality in life is the fundamental reason for the worries of humanity. It is the duty of a humanist to remove inequality and to promote equality in all spheres
      41. Oh Dravidians !
      42. To get rid of your Sudra title:
      43. Boycott the temple!
      44. Don't apply religious symbols to the forehead!
      45. Boycott religious festivals!
      46. Don't address the Paarpaan (a literary word) as Brahmin! (Because it is nothing but accepting you as Sudra)
      48. It is the duty and responsibility of a rationalist to think freely using intellectual faculty , without any attachments to the terms of 'country,' ' language', 'god',' religion', 'caste' etc., but attached to the humanity, before he/she engages in any activity.
      49. What is the mission of my life?
      50. I have undertaken the service of reforming the Dravidian society and convert it as a society fully endowed with self-respect and dignity. I am wholly engaged with that task and dedicated to this great cause.
      51. Whether I am "qualified" for that service or not, I am emboldened to take up the same and continue to do it, because no one else has come forward to undertake this "thankless job".
      52. Since I don't have any other attachment (concern) and all my principles, policies and programmes are chalked out only in the light of reason and free thinking, I am more than qualified to undertake this task (service).


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      The tribes and castes of non-Aryan origin still number about 18 millions in ...
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      The non-Aryans the Dravidians and the Kol (another aboriginal people,) fought with the ... Although Bengal adopted the Aryan civilization and culture, ...
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      Baden Henry Baden-Powell - 1957 - History - 456 pages
      In the north-east of Bengal the tribes are probably much connected with the Tibetan ... The non-Aryan races are represented by the Union, who overcame the ...
      The essential features of Aryan society were present in Bengal by the fifth .... The non-Aryans the Dravidians and the Kol (another aboriginal people,) ...
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      Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts has converted ...
      6 Nov 2009... of Bengal and Scientific Manusmriti Rule which Joshi Defended. .... Palash biswas द्वारा 16 सितंबर, 2009 9:36 PM पर . ...
      Brahmin Blog | Indian Brahmin Blog | Brahmin Blog Directory | Free ...
      Caste Bar on Puja Festivity in Progressive, Marxist, Brahaminical Bengal ... Indian Holocaust My Father`s Life and Time - FIVE Hundred Seven Palash Biswas. ...
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      Results include your SearchWiki notes for Palash Biswas on Bengali .... By Palash Biswas, India. More than twenty million East bengal refugees coming … ...
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      palashscape: Bidhan Ch. Roy REMOVED from WRITERS! Bengali ...
      8 Jan 2010 ... Palash Biswas Rescued by Bapu, the resettled Noakhali victims face prosecution in ... Resistance Against Persecution of Bengali Refugees in ...
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      8 Feb 2010 ... Available from: http://knol.google.com/k/palash-biswas/quota-politics- .... With this effect, the quota for Muslims in Bengal would be 17 ...
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      Dalit Voice - The Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities Denied ...
      When will the Dalits, OBCs and Muslims of Bengal — victims of Brahminism from ... Copies availble with Dalit Voice. Rs.300). These are historical facts. ...
      www.dalitvoice.org/Templates/july2010/editorial.htm - Cached
      ARTICLES - Dalit Voice - The Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities ...
      Of those who migrated from East Bengal (now Bangladesh), ...
      www.dalitvoice.org/Templates/march2006/articles.htm - Cached - Similar
      Dalit Voice - The Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities Denied ...
      It is part of the state governments in West Bengal, Kerala, Tripura. ...
      www.dalitvoice.org/Templates/may2010/editorial.htm - Cached
      Reports - Dalit Voice - The Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities ...
      "What Bengal thinks today, the rest of India will think Tomorrow". ...
      www.dalitvoice.org/Templates/dec2009/reports.htm - Cached
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      Mulnivasi Dalit Voice | Exclusive Drops
      11 Oct 2010 ... If The Marxists Are Leading A Coalition Of Left Parties In Bengal Mamatas Will Copies Availble With Dalit Voice Rs300 These Are Historical ...
      www.exclusivedrops.com/read-mulnivasi-dalit-voice - Cached
      Dalit Voice Magazine
      the dalit people of west bengal 85 persentage.so the dalit voice magagine is very very essential in our country. ...
      ekikrat.in/Dalit-Voice-Magazine - Cached - Similar
      FALL & SLOW DEATH OF SIKHS(Dalit voice). FALL & SLOW DEATH OF SIKHS" ..... As head of the ruling Left Front he ruled W.Bengal for 23 years from 1977 to 2000 ...
      drambedkarji.blogspot.com/2010/03/fall-slow-death-of-sikhs.html - Cached
      Another Major Train derailment In West Bengal, Raising Suspicion ...
      19 Jul 2010 ... Another Major Train derailment In West Bengal, Raising Suspicion Of .... Dalit Voice Feb/March Editorial: NEVER ENDING CENTURY- OLD WAR ...
      therearenosunglasses.wordpress.com/.../another-major-train-derailment-in-west-bengal-raising-suspicion-of-sabotage/ - Cached
      Agricultural Growth in West Bengal in 1980s
      by SD Ray - 2002 - Related articles
      Destruction', Dalit Voice, 16-31 January. IDiscussion ______. Agricultural Growth in. West Bengal in 1980s. S DATTA RAY. This relates to the eight-year-old ...
      www.jstor.org/stable/4412608 - Similar
      nandigramunited: Bengal Represented by the Brahaminical Goddess ...
      Dalit Voice - The Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities Denied Human . ... A FEMALE MONSTER - Blood-thirsty "Calcutta Kali" gets ready to take over Bengal . ...
      nandigramunited-banga.blogspot.com/.../bengal-represented-by-brahaminical.html - Cached

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      CPI-M terrorising people to remain in power: Mamata
      Trinamool Congress chief and Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee Saturday alleged that West Bengal's ruling Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) was terrorising and killing people to remain in power.
      'The CPI-M will have to give answer to the people of the state for their misrule in the state for last 34 years. They have tortured people and ushered onslaught to remain in power,' Banerjee said while addressing a party rally in Kolkata.
      'They (CPI-M leaders) are 'power hungry' that is why they are killing common people and terrorizing them to remain in power,' said Banerjee.
      The CPI-M-led Left Front government has been uninterruptedly ruling in the state for the last 34 years.
      Banerjee Saturday took a dig at the central government for not lending an ear to her repeated pleas of withdrawal of joint forces from the Maoist-hit areas of the state.
      'Trinamool Congress has repeatedly told the central government about the misuse of joint forces by the CPI-M in the state. But it has been futile. That is why we have come to people to inform them about the misuse of the joint forces. In democracy, it the common man who has the last word,' said Banerjee.
      The Trinamool Congress is an ally of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government at the centre.

      RSS leader's name figures in Ajmer blast chargesheet
      A senior RSS leader's name figured in the chargesheet in the 2007 Ajmer blast in Rajasthan, a development that was rubbished by BJP and RSS but latched onto by Congress which accused the outfit of disturbing communal amity. Indresh Kumar, the RSS leader, was present at a secret meeting held in a Gujarati guest house in Jaipur on October 31, 2005, in which six other functionaries of the organisation were also present, the chargesheet said.
      The 806-page chargesheet was filed before a court in Ajmer yesterday against five accused by the Rajasthan ATS. ATS sources said Indresh has not been made an accused in the case as further investigation is underway to ascertain whether he had any links with the blast. The RSS was quick to dismiss the charge as "far from truth".
      "We reject the media reports that claim that the name of Indresh Kumar, a senior functionary from New Delhi, features in the Ajmer dargah blast chargesheet. His name has only been mentioned in the document in connection with holding a meeting," RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav told PTI here.
      "It is far from the truth. It will be challenged in the court," he added.
      The BJP spoke in a similar vein, with party spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman saying, "There is nothing substantial or credible against him.
      No organisation has been named.
      How can anyone say that BJP or RSS is involved or that this is saffron terror." However, the Congress utilised the issue to paint the RSS in communal colours.
      "The RSS has been consistently working to undermine and upset the pluralistic ethos of India and disturb communal amity.
      The latest chargesheet is just a manifestation of its direction right from the beginning," party spokesperson Manish Tewari told reporters here.
      BJP's next national executive in Guwahati
      The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is likely to hold its next meeting of national executive in December at Guwahati, party sources said.
      The meeting, expected to be held Dec 18-19, will pass resolution on the political situation of the country. An economic resolution will also be adopted.
      The sources said the meeting will discuss the party's strategy for assembly polls next year including in Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.
      India, Russia prepare to jointly fight terror in future
      N C Bipindra Chaubattia (Uttarakhand), Oct 23 (PTI) With terrorism spreading its tentacles globally, India and Russia are getting ready to wage battles as "allies" against future threats, even as their armies concluded a major joint military exercise here today. Exercise Indra-2010 -- held in a counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency operations backdrop in a mountainous terrain -- witnessed participation from 250-strong Russian infantry troops and an equal number from an Indian battalion, who practiced ''cordon, search and destroy'' operations and elimination of terror groups and leadership.
      "Yes, certainly," Russian Federation Ambassador to India Alexander M Kadakin, who witnessed the exercise here, told reporters when asked if he envisaged future joint operations against terrorists around the globe. "The two countries have been fighting against global terrorism.
      We are not just friends, but allies too. India and Russia know well about it (terrorism), not from a bird''s eye view, but as nations that have faced it practically on the ground.
      So we consider this exercise very significant," Kadakin said. Emphasising the importance of the exercise, he said during the talks between Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and his Indian counterpart A K Antony during his visit to New Delhi this joint army drill was highlighted as an example of growing military-to-military relations between the two countries.
      Kadakin was seconded by Major General Rajesh Arya, Commander of Indian Army''s 6 Mountain Division, who said two or more countries coming together to fight terrorists when they threatened their common interests anywhere on the globe could not be ruled out. "As we have seen in the last 20 years, terrorism and insurgency have been emerging and spreading internationally.
      So is the magnitude of terrorist threats, which were earlier minor, but has taken large proportions in the last couple of years. "Therefore, in certain areas where there are common interests, couple of countries operating together cannot be ruled out.
      When terrorists try and disturb those interests, we cannot say we are not prepared to take on the threats jointly. Therefore, one has to train well in advance," he said.
      He was referring to the experience of international joint naval operations against piracy in the Indian Ocean in the recent years as an instance.
      President Patil gives a call to make education amalgam of knowledge
      President Pratibha Patil on Saturday called upon the educational institutions of the country to make education an amalgam of knowledge.
      Addressing the 75th Founders Day of the Doon School at Dehradun in Uttarakhand today, the President said since the primary education has been made a fundamental right, the duty on part of the stakeholders has increased manifold.
      She underlined the emergence of India as a global power and said it was time to meet the challenge of preparing a large number of educated youth to meet various needs of a fast developing nation.
      The President said India stands at a crucial stage. It has many advantages including a predominantly young population and one of the world's fastest growing economies. "All across the globe there is interest in India as an emerging global power."
      "In these inspiring times, the President said, "the biggest challenge is to prepare the youth who are educated and capable, with skills and the intellectual capacity to meet the various needs and requirements for developing the nation."
      "We have to be able to compete with the finest minds in the world. In this, education occupies a crucial position," President Patil.
      Stating further the President said primary education is now a fundamental right for children in the age group of 6 to 14 years. "This was a significant decision of the Government, and I would like to appreciate the efforts of Kapil Sibal, Minister of Human Resource Development, who is here with us today. We are moving towards the universalization of education at the secondary level. Higher education is being accorded priority."
      "This would require commitment and performance on the part of all stakeholders," the President said.
      Stating that the education system must look at the holistic development of the youth of the country, President emphasised on three aspects which, she said, were very important for the overall development of children.
      "One, education is about knowledge. Children in schools must be introduced to the world, its history and its dynamics. They must be acquainted with science and its wonders."
      "Second, knowledge without values is incomplete. It is a value system that can prepare the younger generation to become responsible citizens who contribute to the welfare of society and advancement of the human race."
      "The third aspect which is important, is to build a spirit of working together constructively. In this, sports play an important part. Apart from physical fitness, sports develop qualities like team spirit, striving for excellence and learning to accept success and defeat."
      "Similarly, extra curricular activities help build a spirit of social service. Often talent can be discovered when working in areas of interest," President Patil stated in her address.
      The visiting King of Bhutan Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk in his address asked the students to be innovative and fully committed. (ANI)
      'Periyar was against Brahminism, not Brahmins'

      Gnana Rajasekharan

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      April 30, 2007

      Gnana Rajasekharan is an IAS officer currently working as the director of Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development.

      He is also the director of the feature film Periyar -- aka E V Ramaswamy Naicker, the social reformer and rationalist from Tamil Nadu.

      Gnana Rajasekharan's first feature film Moha Mullu won him the Indira Gandhi National award for Best First Film. His second film was a short one; Oru Kan Oru Parvai. It was based on an incident of a Dalit girl being beaten up and blinded when she drank water from the glass kept reserved for higher castes. This film was shown at the Indian Panorama in 1998.

      In 2000, he made Bharati, a film on the Tamil nationalist poet Subramaniya Bharati.

      In this interview to Shobha Warrier in Chennai, Rajasekharan explains Periyar's relevance today.

      Periyar has been described as an atheist, anti-Hindu, rationalist, and of course a social reformer too. After doing extensive research on him and making a film on him, what do you say is Periyar's relevance today?

      The main reason why I decided to make a film on Periyar is because I feel he was and is misunderstood. The descriptions you gave -- atheist, anti-Hindu, etc show how misunderstood he is. Unfortunately only this image has stuck.

      I am not saying he was not an atheist; he was. He was also against religious superstitions, caste, etc. One of the objectives of my films is to show the other facets of Periyar; in fact, he was a multi-faceted personality.

      He lived till he was 95, and the history of Tamil Nadu moves with him. I feel his philosophy and social reforms are more relevant today than earlier.

      His number one enemy was caste and today, we see only caste politics in Tamil Nadu.

      The greatness of Periyar was in his humanism. He studied only up to the 4th standard but he was an original thinker and that is why we are talking about Periyar today. He was not an ordinary politician. How many politicians of his time are remembered today? He is remembered even today because he is relevant even today.

      You said he was an original thinker. Can you elaborate on his original ideas?

      His ideas about women, caste and communism were very original. His ideas on women were far ahead of today's feminists. He said the subordination of women was because they gave birth to babies. He said unlike the man, from the moment the baby started growing inside a woman, her thought process changed. According to him, man and woman become unequal from that point onwards. He spoke about equality even in those days but in a different way.

      He also had a strong opinion on thali (mangalsutra).

      He said thali should not be worn by a woman at all.

      It is said he was not exposed to Western writings. What could have triggered off such opinion on everything when he had everything going right for him in life?

      My film tries to find answers to questions like that. My reverence for him is because of that. He never suffered in life. Still he became a reformer, an original one at that. That is why we call him Periyar.

      He was a Naikar, a royal caste and came from a very rich family in Erode. His father was a merchant. They owned around two-thirds or three-fourths of the area. But he studied only up to the 4th standard. When he was young, he was a debonair person. He had a happy married life too. So, he had no compulsion to be a reformer. But if you look at history, you will see that most of the reformers suffered.

      I have read that when he was in Kashi, he was not given food because he was not a Brahmin, and that was the reason why he turned against the caste system. Is it true?

      Yes, this incident happened in his life but I will not say that was the only reason why he turned against the caste system.

      His life itself is quite interesting. He was a jolly good fellow who used to visit dance bars. Then he became a successful businessman. That way, he understood the government and how it functioned. At one time, he was holding 29 decorative posts in the government. So, his personal experiences, the decorative posts and his closeness to the bureaucracy helped him understand the system completely. Later on, he declared that he would not accept any government posts. That was why when he was offered the chief minister's post, he declined.

      He himself said he had three lives; first, it was that of a happy go lucky young man, then as a businessman and finally as a public person.

      Can we call it renunciation of power and money?

      No, he did not renounce anything. He was a practical man. He told people all the time that they should save money. You will also see that all his followers are successful businessmen. I don't think you will see a person like Periyar in India. He was not only different, he was mystical also.

      Was it because he was so intelligent that he could have original ideas about so many issues?

      It was not because of intelligence but because of humanism that he became Periyar. The dominant factor in his life was human values. But somehow, he was misunderstood. There is a proverb in Tamil, if you want to kill a dog, you give it a bad name and then kill it. Names like atheist, anti-Hindu, anti-God, etc are used against him to ignore him. But you should know why he is anti-God.

      Why is he anti-God? He said, 'There is no God. He who created God is a fool and he who spreads his message is a scoundrel'. On the other hand his family, especially his mother, was very religious.

      Periyar became anti-God because he felt God was against man. He felt the single factor that was against man in India was caste, and caste came as a part of the religious system. So, he denounced religion. He said I am against caste, and whoever proposes caste. God comes with religion, so, he was against God also.

      So, it was basically the human element that made him an atheist and anti-God. But he was as well read on religious texts as any other religious head. In his case, he picked up the loopholes in the texts.

      So many big leaders were atheists and agnostic. Nehru was an atheist. He was not bothered about God. Kamaraj also was agnostic. He felt Hindu religion was against equality.

      So, he was basically against Hinduism?

      I would say he was against any religion that is anti-human.

      But was he not anti-Brahmin?

      He was against Brahminism.

      Was he against Brahminism because of their supremacy in Hinduism?

      The Brahmin community claimed to have a hold on all the sastras and texts. Because they created such a divide, he was against it. He was against dividing humanity in the name of caste. According to him, that is the biggest crime in the world. He was not against anything blindly; he had logical reasons to everything.

      He also differentiated between Brahmin and Brahminism. He had an excellent relationship with Rajaji who was a Brahmin but he was vehemently against Brahminism.

      According to him, reciting of the mantras is a mercantile activity. That was why he fought to make non-Brahmins and harijans poojaris (priests). He wanted priests from all communities and said it should not be the monopoly of one community alone. If he was anti-God and anti-temple, why should he fight for this? He wanted social justice. According to him, God should be equal to everyone.

      No other leader in any part of India fought for social justice like Periyar did, not even in Kerala. That is why only in Tamil Nadu, you had a non-Brahmin movement.

      But didn't that one particular community in Tamil Nadu become victims of the movement?

      His question was, why should 97 per cent of the people be under 3 per cent? The condition in 1925 was, out of the 23 gazetted officers from Tamil Nadu, 22 were Brahmins. Out of the 7,680 doctors and advocates, 5,452 were Brahmins. So, his question was, why should 3 per cent occupy more than 80 per cent of the posts? What was the social life of the 97 per cent?

      If there is social justice in Tamil Nadu today, it is all because of Periyar and his movement. No other state can talk of such social justice. Because of him only the first constitutional amendment on reservation came.

      Reservation is based on caste, and he was against caste. Why did he then support caste-based reservations?

      Yes, he fought for caste-based reservations. He felt unless social equality is achieved, you can't have reservation based on economics status. His main aim was to bring about social justice where Brahmins and Dalits had equal status socially. I would say he changed the value system of Tamil Nadu. The questions he raised against caste are still relevant.

      In 1928, he started a movement called self-respect movement. If you read it, you will see he had such a great vision.

      At the entrance to the conference, it was written, widows and those who are branded as prostitutes are welcome. He always respected women.

      When he married his second wife, a young woman, there was a lot of opposition..

      Yes, it is a fact. According to him, it was a different kind of relationship and he won the battle. Many went out of the party because he married this woman but the party survived. Periyar openly said that he was not marrying her for sex. They had a platonic relationship.

      She was from Vellore and was fascinated by his ideas. Her father also was a follower of Periyar. One day, she went to Periyar and declared that she would be with him. He tried to throw her out but couldn't. She was with him like an attendant. Even his enemies say that without Maniammai, he would not have lived that long.

      He was quite frank when talking about even his parents. After his mother died in her nineties, he wrote, 'She should not have lived that long. Because of the backwardness of her ideas, she was not a fit person to live long'. Can you think of anyone talking like that about his own mother?

      You mean he could detach himself from even his own mother and analyse her objectively?

      I feel these are the things we should be highlighting about Periyar and not the tags, anti-God, anti-Brahmin, etc. Those are just peripheral things. These descriptions are highlighted because people who are affected and people who are very eloquent are at the top, and they are all Brahmins.

      Even today?

      Even today, to a very great extent. I am not blaming them but that is the fact of life. When he was branded as anti-God, women would despise him as they didn't like anyone who was against God. So, you could alienate and antagonise 50 per cent of the population.

      Although Rajaji persuaded him to continue to be in the Congress party, he refused. Was it because the Congress was a party of Brahmins?

      Yes. He wanted the Congress to accept social justice. That was why he came out of the Congress. It is very important to note that what he said in the 1920s has become very ordinary today.

      He joined the Congress because of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi only. He had this very famous big argument with Gandhi and Periyar said, 'Gandhi lived in a fool's paradise and believed that men are all good'. According to Periyar, men are not good. He looked at everything from a practical point of view.

      When Gandhi accepted that there were problems in our religion, he cautioned Gandhi that if he tried to change his religion, he would be killed one day. He said that in 1928. That was the kind of vision he had.

      He made a visit to Russia. Did communism play an important role in his public life?

      Joseph Stalin was ruling Russia when he visited it. Periyar was influenced by communism and it lead to a very important phase in the history of Tamil Nadu. It is said that if he had continued his support to the Communist Party, the history of Tamil Nadu would have been different.

      You mean Tamil Nadu would have been another Kerala or West Bengal?

      Yes. He moved away from the political aspect of communism and concentrated only on the social aspect of communism. He said as far as the economic policy was concerned, he was with communism.

      Are you a follower of Periyar?

      No, I am not a follower of Periyar. But I am a very great admirer of Periyar. You cannot make a film on him without admiring him.

      I may not be following his ideas in toto but I value his contributions to society and original thinking.

      Now let me go back to your first question where you gave so many descriptions to Periyar. I am making this film because he was misinterpreted. I feel the greatness of Periyar will not be gauged by such interpretations.

      Photo: Sreeram Selvaraj


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      Periyar on Love. Periyar women's rights under construction. PERIYAR EVR by V.S. Naipaul under construction. OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION ON RATIONALISM ...
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      Periyar EVR

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      - 21 sec - 28 Mar 2007 - Uploaded by princenrsama
      The rare colour video clipping of thanthai periyar evramasamy with his voice.
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      6 posts
      Dear All, I have uploaded an introductory ppt on EVR Periyar, a revolutionery rationalist who was instrumental in getting verious social evils.
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      The Central library has been built to International Standards, Spreads over to four floors with an area of 5000 sq.m. It is centrally air-conditioned, ...
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      15 Sep 2010 ... Periyar EVR College, Bharathidasan University, Government Arts College, Tiruchi, ... Colleges could exercise the flexibility for making the ...

      Periyar E. V. Ramasamy
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      For other uses, see Periyar (disambiguation).
      Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

      Periyar E. V. Ramasamy during his early life as a merchant
      Born 17 September 1879(1879-09-17)
      Erode, Madras Presidency, British India
      Died 24 December 1973 (aged 94)
      Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
      Other names Ramasami, E.V.R., Periyar, or Thanthai Periyar
      Organization Indian National Congress, Justice Party, Dravidar Kazhagam
      Political movement Self-Respect Movement, Tamil Nationalism
      Religion Atheist
      Awards UNESCO (1970)

      Erode Venkata Ramasamy[1] (Tamil: ஈரோடு வேங்கட ராமசாமி ) (September 17, 1879 – December 24, 1973), affectionately called by his followers as Periyar (Tamil: பெரியார்), Thanthai Periyar or E. V. R., was a businessman, politician, Indian independence and social activist, who started the Self-Respect Movement or the Dravidian Movement and proposed the creation of an independent state called Dravidasthan comprising South India. He is also the founder of the socio-cultural organisation, Dravidar Kazhagam.[2][3][4]

      Periyar was born in Erode, Madras Presidency to a wealthy family of Kannada speaking Balijas.[5][6][7] At a young age, he witnessed numerous incidents of racial, caste and gender discrimination.[5] Periyar married when he was 19, and had a daughter who lived for only 5 months. His first wife, Nagammai, died in 1933.[8] Periyar married for a second time in July 1948.[9] His second wife, Maniammai, continued Periyar's social work after his death in 1973, but still his thoughts and ideas were being spread by Dravidar Kazhagam.[10]

      Periyar joined the Indian National Congress in 1919, but resigned in 1925 when he felt that the party was only serving the interests of the Brahmins.[11][12] In 1924, Periyar led a non-violent agitation (satyagraha) in Vaikom, Kerala. From 1929 to 1932 toured Malaysia, Europe, and Russia, which had an influence on him.[13] In 1939, Periyar became the head of the Justice Party,[14] and in 1944, he changed its name to Dravidar Kazhagam.[15] The party later split and one group led by C. N. Annadurai formed the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) in 1949.[15] While continuing the Self-Respect Movement, he advocated for an independent Dravida Nadu (Dravidistan).[16]

      Periyar propagated the principles of rationalism, self-respect, women's rights and eradication of caste. He opposed the exploitation and marginalization of the non-Brahmin indigenous Dravidian peoples of South India and the imposition of, what he considered, Indo-Aryan India. His work has greatly revolutionized Tamil society and has significantly removed caste-based discrimination. He is also responsible for bringing new changes to the Tamil alphabet. However, at the same time, Periyar is also held responsible for making controversial statements on the Tamil language, Dalits and Brahmins and for endorsing violence against Brahmins. The citation awarded by the UNESCO described Periyar as "the prophet of the new age, the Socrates of South East Asia, father of social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance, superstitions, meaningless customs and base manners".[17]

      * 1 Biography
      o 1.1 Early years
      o 1.2 Kasi Pilgrimage Incident
      o 1.3 Member of Congress Party (1919-1925)
      o 1.4 Vaikom Satyagraha (1924-1925)
      o 1.5 Self-Respect Movement
      o 1.6 International travel (1929-1932)
      o 1.7 Opposition to Hindi
      o 1.8 As President of the Justice Party (1938-1944)
      o 1.9 Dravidar Kazhagam (1944-onwards)
      + 1.9.1 Formation of the Dravidar Kazhagam
      + 1.9.2 Split with Annadurai
      + 1.9.3 Later years
      * 2 Principles and legacy
      o 2.1 Rationalism
      o 2.2 Self-Respect
      o 2.3 Women's rights
      o 2.4 Social reform and eradication of caste
      * 3 Ideals and criticisms
      o 3.1 Tamil language and writing
      o 3.2 Thoughts on Thirukkural
      o 3.3 Self-Determination of Dravidistan
      o 3.4 Anti-Brahmanism vs. Anti-Brahmin
      o 3.5 Comparisons with Gandhi
      o 3.6 Religion and atheism
      o 3.7 Controversies
      + 3.7.1 Comments on Brahmins,Dalits and Religious Minorities
      + 3.7.2 Factionism in the Justice Party
      o 3.8 Violence by Periyar's followers
      * 4 Followers and influence
      * 5 In popular culture
      * 6 Notes
      * 7 References
      * 8 Further reading
      * 9 External links

      Early years

      Periyar was born as Erode Venkata Ramasami Naicker on September 17, 1879, in the town of Erode,then a part of the Coimbatore District of the Madras Presidency.[18] Periyar's father, a rich businessman, was Venkatappa Naicker (or Venkata), and his mother was Chinna Thayammal, alias Muthammal. He had one elder brother named Krishnaswamy and two sisters named Kannamma and Ponnuthoy.[1][18] He later came to be known as "Periyar" meaning 'respected one' or 'elder' in Tamil.[1]

      In 1929, Periyar announced the deletion of his caste surnameNaicker from his name at the First Provincial Self-Respect Conference of Chenggalpattu.[19] He could speak three Dravidian languages: Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. His mother tongue was Kannada.[20][21][22][23][24] Periyar attended school for five years after which he joined his father's trade at the age of 12. He used to listen to Tamil Vaishnavite gurus who gave discourses in his house enjoying his father's hospitality. At a young age, he began questioning the apparent contradictions in the Hindu mythological stories which he opined to be lies spread by the Indo-Aryan race.[1] As Periyar grew, he felt that people used religion only as a mask to deceive innocent people and therefore took it as one of his duties in life to warn people against superstitions and priests.[25]

      Periyar's father arranged for his wedding when he was nineteen. The bride, Nagammai was only thirteen. It was not, altogether, an arranged marriage because Periyar and Nagammai had known each other and were already in love with each other. Nagammai actively supported her husband in his later public activities and agitations. Two years after their marriage, a girl child was born to them. However, this child lived only for five months. The couple had no more children[8]
      Kasi Pilgrimage Incident

      In 1904, Periyar went on a pilgrimage to Kasi to worship in the revered Siva temple of Kashi Vishwanath.[1][26] Though regarded as one of the holiest sites of Hinduism, he witnessed immoral activities, begging, and floating dead bodies.[1] His frustrations extended to functional Hinduism in general when he experience what he called Brahmanic exploitation.[27]

      However, one particular incident in Kasi had a profound impact on Periyar's ideology and future work. At worship site there were free meals offered to guests. To Periyar's shock, he was refused meals at choultries which exclusively fed Brahmins. Due to extreme hunger, Periyar felt compelled to enter one of the choultries disguised as a Brahmin with a sacred thread on his bare chest, but was betrayed by his moustache. The gatekeeper at the temple concluded that Periyar was not a Brahmin as Brahmins were not permitted by the Hindu shastras to have moustaches. He not only prevented Periyar's entry but also pushed him rudely to the street.[1]

      As his hunger became intolerable, Periyar was forced to feed on leftovers from the streets. Around this time, he realized that the choultry which had refused him entry was built by a wealthy non-Brahmin from South India.[1] This discriminatory attitude dealt a blow to Periyar's regard for Hinduism, for the events he had witnessed at Kasi were completely different from the picture of Kasi he had in mind, as a holy place which welcomed all.[1] Ramasami was a theist till his visit to Kasi, after which his views changed and he became an atheist.[28]
      Member of Congress Party (1919-1925)

      Periyar Ramaswamy joined the Indian National Congress in 1919 after quitting his business and resigning from public posts. He held the chairmanship of Erode Municipality and wholeheartedly undertook constructive programs spreading the use of Khadi, picketing toddy shops, boycotting shops selling foreign cloth, and eradicating untouchability. In 1921, Periyar courted imprisonment for picketing toddy shops in Erode. When his wife as well as his sister joined the agitation, it gained momentum, and the administration was forced to come to a compromise. He was again arrested during the Non-Cooperation movement and the Temperance movement.[11] In 1922, Periyar was elected the President of the Madras Presidency Congress Committee during the Tirupur session where he advocated strongly for reservation in government jobs and education. His attempts were defeated in the Congress party due to a strong presence of discrimination and indifference. He later quit the party on those grounds in 1925.[12]
      Vaikom Satyagraha (1924-1925)
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      In Vaikom, a small town in Kerala state, then Travancore, there were strict laws of untouchability in and around the temple area. Dalits, also known as Harijans were not allowed into the close streets around and leading to the temple, let alone inside it. Anti-caste feelings were growing and in 1924 Vaikom was chosen as a suitable place for an organized Satyagraha, passive resistance campaign as practiced by Gandhi. Under his guidance a movement had already begun with the aim of giving all castes the right to enter the temples. Thus, agitations and demonstrations took place. On April 14, Periyar and his wife Nagamma arrived in Vaikom. They were met with arrest and imprisoned for participation. In spite of Gandhi's objection to non-Keralites and non-Hindus taking part, Periyar and his followers continued to give support to the movement till it was withdrawn. He received the title Vikkom Veeran, mostly given by his Tamil followers who participated in the Satyagraha.[29][30] However, a considerable section of intellectuals feel that Periyar's participation in the Indian independence movement and his contribution in the Vaikom Satyagraha have been highly exaggerated.[31]

      The way in which the Vaikom Satyagraha events have been recorded provides a clue to the image of the respective oraganizers. In an article entitle Gandhi and Ambedkar, A Study in Leadership, Eleanor Zelliot relates the 'Vaikom Satyagraha' including Gandhi's negotiations with the temple authorities in relation to the event. Furthermore, the editor of Periyar's Thoughts states that Brahmins purposely suppressed news about Periyar's participation. A leading Congress magazine Young India in its extensive reports on Vaikom never mentions Periyar.[27]
      Self-Respect Movement
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      Periyar during the early years of Self-Respect Movement

      Periyar and his followers campaigned constantly to influence and pressurize the government to take measures for removing social inequality even while other nationalist forerunners focused on the struggle for political independenc<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)