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LP oath

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  • arghhhh4
    Jan had written, oh, way back when (in thread about have you or your spouse run for office): When you get a chance, if you wouldn t mind elaborating on your
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2011
      Jan had written, oh, way back when (in thread about have you or your spouse run for office):

      "When you get a chance, if you wouldn't mind elaborating on your comment, "re:
      the LP oath - "I see parents initiating force against their children in order to
      achieve 'political or social goals' all the time, without a second thought so a
      declaration such as this seems hypocritical to me", that would be great. I think
      this is definitely a subject for further conversation at MfL."

      I've been involved with Taking Children Seriously non-coercive parenting and education philosophy since the mid-nineties www.takingchildrenseriously.com

      I think non-coercion and finding solutions that everyone is happy with starts in the home, with parents being on the same side in life with thier children and not initiating systematic coercion upon them as it is harmful to the parent-child relationship and to individuals' ability to learn and think critically.

      I'm always surprised when I run up against libertarians who think it is ok or even necessary to coerce children, yet don't want to 'initiate force' on a macro level.

      I'm dedicated to expunging coercion from my home and our lives - this is an ongoing educational experience! to be sure- while being a strong defense libertarian. sort of opposite the usual ;) This pursuit has improved our lives together as a family immensely!

      And I'm always interested in hearing peoples' thoughts about such things :)

      best wishes,
      Sue Cvach
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