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Febnruary 8th -- DC area -- 20 years of US-Mongol Relations speaker event

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  • Ariel Wyckoff
    Hey all, For those in DC, Friends of Mongolia has organized an event at George Washington University, in cooperation with the school s Asian Studies Center and
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      Hey all,

      For those in DC, Friends of Mongolia has organized an event at George
      Washington University, in cooperation with the school's Asian Studies
      Center and the Chinggis Khan Foundation.

      I thought I'd post the flier here, and if you're in the area, or know
      anyone interested, please let me know -- or just stop by if you're

      -Ariel Wyckoff


      Twenty Years Under Blue
      A Milestone in Mongolian-American
      Thursday, February 8, 2007 from 6:30-8:30 p.m, The George Washington
      Elliott School of International Affairs, 1957 E Street, NW
      Washington, DC â€" Lindner Commons, 6th Floor

      Friends of Mongolia in cooperation with the Chinggis Khan Foundation
      and the George Washington University’s Sigur Center for Asian Studies,
      is proud to commemorate the 20th anniversary of official US-Mongolian
      diplomatic relations with a panel discussion on the changing dynamics
      of this bilateral relationship. The panelists are:

      Dr. Alicia Campi
      Chinggis Khan Foundation
      Dr. Alicia Campi has an M.A. from Harvard University and Ph.D. in
      Mongolian Studies from Indiana University. As a diplomat for the
      State Dept, she worked on preliminary negotiations to establish
      diplomatic relations with Mongolia in the 1980s. She is President of
      a Mongolian consultancy company, US-Mongolia Advisory Group; President
      of a non-profit charity, the Chinggis Khan Foundation; Executive
      Director of North East-Inner Asia; and on the Board of Directors of
      The Mongolia Society. She also is the Asian specialist for the
      Immigration Policy Center in Washington, DC. She has served in
      several Asian posts as well as in Mongolia, and writes and speaks
      extensively on Mongolian and Chinese issues.

      Dave Citron, Foreign Service Officer
      U.S. Department of State
      Mr. Citron has been the Mongolia desk officer at State Dept. since
      August of 2006. Prior to joining the Foreign Service, he served as an
      officer in the Army Reserve and lived for five years in Moscow,
      working for the U.S. Embassy there as well as for a British law firm.
      Since joining the Foreign Service in 1999, he has served as a
      Consular and Economic officer in Warsaw and London and as a Political
      officer at the Office of the High Representative in Sarajevo. Mr.
      Citron received a B.S. in Business from the University of Colorado in
      Boulder, and did his graduate studies in International Affairs at the
      University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He is originally from
      Atlanta, GA and is married to a wonderful lady from Poland.

      Steve Saunders, President
      North America-Mongolia Business Council
      Mr. Saunders has been President of the North America-Mongolia Business
      Council since 1998. He is also President of Saunders & Company, a
      public policy consulting firm specializing in the Asia Pacific region,
      now in its 25th year. A frequent visitor to Mongolia since 1994, he is
      a Life Member of the Mongolia Society, on the Board of Directors of
      the American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) and the only
      foreigner ever elected a member of the Mongolian Society of
      Antiquarians. Previously, Mr. Saunders served as Assistant U.S. Trade
      Representative (USTR) and Staff Director of the Republican Conference
      of the U.S. Senate.

      Odonjil Banzragch, Senior Foreign Service Officer
      Mongolia Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Mr. Odonjil currently serves as the Minister Counselor and Deputy
      Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Mongolia in Washington, DC. Prior
      to this assignment, he was Director of the Bureau for America, Middle
      East and Africa of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Mongolia.
      Earlier in his career, he was the Foreign Ministry's Deputy Director
      of the Bureau for Europe, and served as Head of Inter-Parliamentary
      Relations, Department of the Secretariat of the Mongolian Parliament.
      Mr. Odonjil is a constitutional and international lawyer by
      profession, and a graduate of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in
      European Studies.

      Ambassador Alphonse F. La Porta
      Former U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia
      Ambassador La Porta served in Mongolia from 1997 to 2000. From 2000 to
      2003, he served as Political Advisor to the U.S. Commander-in-Chief of
      the Regional Headquarters Allied Forces in southern Europe. In late
      2003, he retired from the U.S. Foreign Service after 38 years of
      service. His previous posts included Indonesia (1967-1970 and
      1978-1981), Malaysia, Turkey, and New Zealand. In April 2004, he
      assumed the presidency of United States Indonesia Society (USINDO).
      Ambassador La Porta was President and Vice President of the American
      Foreign Service Association from 1995 to1997. He is a graduate of
      National War College, Georgetown University, and New York University.
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