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  • Tim Grenier
    More than likely you will have electricity, at least part of the time. More countryside places are being hooked into the power grid everyday. In my town of
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 30, 2006
      More than likely you will have electricity, at least part of the time.  More countryside places are being hooked into the power grid everyday.  In my town of about 700 people we ended getting 24 hour electricity about 3 months after I moved there.  So yeah if you wanna bring electrical things i would say go for it.  If you have battery opperated stuff, bring a supply.  The batteries that you can buy here are horrible.  i bought some and put them in my cd player.  i got 2 1\2 min. of play time.  Rechargables are best.  You can buy rechargeables here as well as a charger, but as far as i know they are only in UB, an you won't becoming here for at least the first 2 months so like I said bring a supply. 

      "maureen.scanlin" <maureen.scanlin@...> wrote:
      That's exactly what I was looking for- thanks!
      Here's a follow-up- Is it likely that I will have electricity, given
      that I will be in the countryside?  No use bringing stuff I will have
      nowhere to plug in!  Thanks again for the helpful information.


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      <zippythewonderfly@...> wrote:
      > being a TEFL volunteer mean that you will be stationed in the
      countryside. Nice dress isn't that important as if you would live in
      the city.  Teachers tend to dress in the Mongolian del in  the
      countryside.  They do tend to dress nice, sometimes, but it isn't
      important. Being American means you can get away with alot.  The
      dress also depends on the teachers at the school.  At my school, I
      had teachers who dressed up most of the time and those that went to
      work in a sweatshirt and jeans.  i tended to dress more casual. 
      jeans and t-shirt.  you will need some nice clothes but not many. 
      Here's a hint, stay away from light color pants.  They will be dirty
      by the time you walk to your school.  All your clothes will have to
      be hand washed, so dark is best as it can be worn many times. 
      >   hope this helps
      >   Tim
      >   m-14
      > "maureen.scanlin" <maureen.scanlin@...> wrote:
      >   Hi Everyone! 
      > I am going to Mongolia as a TEFL Volunteer in June.  I am from
      > Massachusetts and feel pretty comfortable in selecting the "warmth"
      > clothing everyone recommends.  I am more concerned about the
      > professional clothing (female) I need to bring.  How dressy do I
      > Do people wear dresses every day?  What kind of shoes, etc arae
      > acceptable?  The more specific you could be, the better.  Given the
      > little baggage we can bring, I don't want to waste space bringing
      > wrong clothing!  Thanks in advance!
      > Maureen
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