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RE: [Mongolia_2003] a brief stop in Mongolia

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  • Christopher Gonso
    Hey Sean, I m an X-PCV in Ulaanbaatar. I finished service last June. I was out in the East (beautiful) of Mongolia. I m living with my girlfriend and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 2005
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      Hey Sean,
      I'm an X-PCV in Ulaanbaatar. I finished service last June. I was out in the
      East (beautiful) of Mongolia. I'm living with my girlfriend and teaching at
      a private school in the capital. My host family from training would love to
      meet you (on the train line). They think it's great when I bring other
      foreigners. It's possible that you might meet my girlfriend's family as
      well, although they are a ways out from the city. Regardless, I'd be glad
      to give you some help when you get into the city. In truth, I'm interested
      in picking your brain about teaching in Korea as well. It is something that
      I've been thinking about as a next move. You can get me here at hotmail or
      by phone (976) 99746232, perhaps when you get in the city.

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      Subject: [Mongolia_2003] a brief stop in Mongolia
      Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 16:37:47 -0000


      After completing my Peace Corps service in Georgia, I went to Korea
      to teach a little more. I currently live and teach in Korea. I am
      finishing a contract and would like to board the Trans-Siberian
      Railway to Moscow via Beijing. One itinerary could take me through
      Mongolia. Instead of taking a pre-fabricated tour, I would like to
      meet PCVs and their host families for a shared experience or an
      exchange of culture. I learned from experience that a host family
      always welcomes a friend, especially when that friend brings
      stories, some chocolate or other snack and perhaps a book for the
      family. I would like to do any or all of these. I also know how
      relieving it is to be out of the fish bowl when I "new" person comes
      into the scene if only for a day. If the idea is remotely possible,
      I would like to hear from any PCVs currently in Mongolia. I will
      keep up on the news by having digests sent from this site to my e-
      Thank you. Peace and health,
      RPCV Georgia 2001-2003
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