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506Re: [Mongolia_2003] PCV M16 MOM

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  • Nikita Desai
    May 11, 2005
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      Its nice to see a parent write a message on this board.  My parents were just as concerned.  DO NOT PACK any heavy winter coats, THE KEY THING is to bring one pair of midweight and one or two pairs of heavyweigh long underweard.  You'll have plenty of time to ship your daughter gloves or whatever else she finds she needs that she cant find in MOngolia.  THe camel wool here is really warm and i bought most of all my winter wear in country.
      Most sites have electricity atleast part of the time.  The dust factor is not too huge to not bring a laptop.  I have my laptop here and its been the best thing! SO thus digital cameras are also pretty popular with pcv's.  Dont bring too many clothes.  You'll notice that mongolians wear the same clothes over and over again and you can too....If i had to repack, I'd bring 4 shirts, and three pants and four pairs of underwear.  Maybe some wet wipes for those days you feel too lazy to heat up water in your house.
      Phone acess is mostly reliable.  If she needs anything, she'll be able to call and ask you for it.  They have toilet paper here, so dont bring that.  I dont know what else to tell you.  Dont worry.  When she gets here this summer, all she'll need is a light jacket and a few summer shirts....Its a beautiful time and she'll figure everything out once she gets here.  Mail has been very reliable at my site and i've gotten all packages my parents and friends sent...
      you can email me personally if you have any questions....I'm actually returning home and flying into LAX on June 3rd...maybe i can even meet her....
      COS-ing PCV

      lodeveca <lodeveca@...> wrote:
      My daughter is scheduled for the June 3rd staging in LA.  I am so proud
      of her as I am sure all parent must be of any PCV. 

      I am looking for as much information as I can regarding the weather
      when she arrives and how much time before the bitter winter begins.  We
      are true Floridians and never have experienced a real winter. 

      Does anyone know if you will have access to the internet?  Telephones?
      Electricity?  Is a lap top a good idea?  or a Palm better?  Cell phones?

      I just don't want to her to overpack or underpack.  She will be too far
      away for me to look after.  I guess at 27, it's time to see if those
      wings truely do work. 

      Liz, Neurotic Mom

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