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504PCV M16 MOM

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  • lodeveca
    May 11 8:00 AM
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      My daughter is scheduled for the June 3rd staging in LA. I am so proud
      of her as I am sure all parent must be of any PCV.

      I am looking for as much information as I can regarding the weather
      when she arrives and how much time before the bitter winter begins. We
      are true Floridians and never have experienced a real winter.

      Does anyone know if you will have access to the internet? Telephones?
      Electricity? Is a lap top a good idea? or a Palm better? Cell phones?

      I just don't want to her to overpack or underpack. She will be too far
      away for me to look after. I guess at 27, it's time to see if those
      wings truely do work.

      Liz, Neurotic Mom
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