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487Calling M-16 volunteers to Mongolia

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  • jemacole6
    Mar 21, 2005
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      Hello past, present and future Peace Corps volunteers. Last month I accepted
      an invitation to teach English in Mongolia with the Peace Corps. After nearly a
      month of carrying on with my life, avoiding the the thought of preparing for this
      huge endeavor, I have finally decided it's time to begin. A current PCV told me
      about this chat room. It seems that it has faded out -- though the old messages
      are helpful. But if any M-16s do stumble on this site, I'd love to chat with you
      about your preparations and all that good stuff.

      For anyone over there now, or who has been over there, I"m curious how
      everyone deals with the winters. Some say they don't notice it. Others say it's
      horrible. I'm trying to mentally prepare for both, but it definitely helps to hear
      other's experiences.

      Also, how social are the communities? How easy/hard is it to become a part of
      the community and bond with the people and students?

      Hope to hear from someone soon.
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