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458Re: all you veggies

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  • Mark
    Apr 26, 2004
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      Vegetarians can eat at many locations in Ulaan Baatar. Several
      Korean and Indian-owned restaurants are at your disposal. I eat
      meat, but I know of five places where even a vegan can get along in
      style in the city.

      A smart volunteer can easily acquire the foundations of a healthy and
      balanced vegetarian diet in shops and markets here. You will
      experience difficulties maintaining a meat-free diet as you penetrate
      the countryside, however. Please note that I said difficulties, not

      Once again, as the summer draws near, feel free to pose any questions
      on this web site. I refuse to shun a nexus of communication.
      Electricity has become a bit of an unpredictable thing in my aimag
      center (Hovd), however, so I may not answer questions in a timely
      manner. Please bear with this! It's Russia's fault (Yeah, long
      story), not Mongolia's.

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