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Some Starters - a real application

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  • Mike Bauers
    Here s a message I ve been meaning to reply to and just haven t managed yet. I don t think the sender will object to others considering these points and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 1999
      Here's a message I've been meaning to reply to and just haven't managed yet.

      I don't think the sender will object to others considering these points and

      I thought they were great ideas.

      Mike Bauers

      **************On 24-Mar-99, RGSPEMKT@... wrote:

      >Hi Mike --

      >I've been watching, with interest, your CAD ideas.

      >In case you didn't know, I own American Model Builders and
      >95% of our product line is designed in CAD and laser cut.
      >The other 5% is made up primarily of white metal casting,
      >with a lot of the masters using laser cut components.

      >Check out our website for further information: <A HREF="www.laserkit.com">

      >There are two of us at AMB who are Trolley/Traction nuts,
      >myself and one of my VP's, Bill Hoss, and we both subscribe
      >to the Trolley List --- I'm also the one who started the
      >"Interurbans" list and I must admit that was done with an
      >eye to researching the feasability of marketing laser cut
      >trolley/traction kits. I also did it for my personal interest and
      >the hope of increasing interest in trolley modleing.

      >Right now, the trolley/traction model market is small, as all of
      >us obviously know, so what we would do through our regular
      >product line might not mesh exactly with what you, Bill and
      >I might hope for, but with some careful planning and patience
      >we might be able to produce the types of products that will
      >get more people interested. I sort of feel that this can be done,
      >as I have had this same philosophy in mind since I saw my first
      >laser cut part in 1981. I knew at that time that laser cutting could
      >be a real "boon" to the model railroading world.

      >We got our first laser in 1992 and now are the largest manufacturer
      >of laser cut model railroad kits, plus we do the custom cutting
      >for 25 other model railroad manufacturers who advertise and
      >market laser cut railroad kits.

      >Bill and I have made quite a few trolley models for ourselves using
      >the laser cutters. If you're interested I can post some jpegs
      >of a couple of those models directly to you or re-run them on

      >We can provide custom laser cutting of parts for individuals,
      >but cost is a factor. We have two lasers and they are run 24
      >hours a day to keep up with LASERKit production. So doing
      >custom cutting has to fit in economically from the business
      >standpoint. However, some of the items you've been discussing
      >could be of use to enough people that the amortization of the
      >cost would make it affordable. Or, we could include the items
      >in our product line and work it out that way too.

      >Just food for thought.

      >John Hitzeman
      >American Model Builders, Inc.
      >LASERKit (R)
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