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  • Mike Bauers
    Mar 5, 2013
      Welcome Richard, I share your obsession.


      Due to a Yahoo glitch, approvals are failing at the moment. I get a message that they are working on it.

      You will be approved as soon as Yahoo settles down. This is the first time I've seen the like happen in over ten years of Yahoo.


      The group is slow right now. I'm finally at the point where I'll have a laser cutter delivered soon. [modestly priced yet very nice quality] I think I can liven the place up soon from that.

      Your 3d print work look very nice. I wish I was skilled enough to 3d some ACF streamlined  power car ends. It's one of my pet projects.

      your comment.......

      "Trying to combine being a computer nerd with being a railway nerd.

      Quite nice stuff there.........

      Please encourage me to be able to join you in making use of the tech. [have cad, have training program] the laser is because I can move into 2d much more easily.

      So, are you hard-core enough to be an oddball Mac user as I am? I'm torn between upgrading my Windows TurboCad-Pro to the latest or going to the newer TurboCad-Mac. [ its my Amiga background that made me drift into Mac ]

      Best to ya...
      Mike Bauers
      Milwaukee, Wi, USA

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