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new modeling opportunity

I have not been here in a long time. It looks like the group is not very active these days. I have been focusing on promoting this new opportunity
Bill Lane
Mar 25, 2014

3d printing

I think the process is quite mature now. Look at the prices of brass and stainless steel printed samplers on this page..... The stainless steel sample is just
Mike Bauers
Jan 1, 2014


It woulde be helpful if you posted a
milepost 131
Sep 20, 2013

Fwd: [traintools] Re: DIY Injection Molding vs 3D Printing

For now, forwarding some of the interesting stuff I see here and there. Maybe I can liven up the place a bit? Best to ya... Mike Bauers Milwaukee, Wi, USA ...
Mike Bauers
Jun 10, 2013

small scale 3d printing: a second technology

Here is another exciting technology. we had a system similar to this at my former place of employment. It used a laser to cut layers from adhesive backed
Mar 14, 2013

Re: small scale 3d printing

Thank you for posting that Rich.   Great (long waited) news.   Daniel ________________________________ Van: woodybobbin Aan:
daniel caso
Mar 9, 2013

small scale 3d printing

While this is most likely not on the horizon for us train guys, perhaps this is the future for really detailed modeling.
Mar 8, 2013

modelers cad

Welcome Richard, I share your obsession. ******************* Due to a Yahoo glitch, approvals are failing at the moment. I get a message that they are working
Mike Bauers
Mar 5, 2013

Free Graphics Ready Tower

http://opensourcetemplates.wordpress.com/graphics-ready-tower/ Build a tower and place pics, graphics and architectural surfaces you create on the faces. Learn
Nov 21, 2012

Re: Integrated template sets

No that was good Bert. Thank you for your joke. You are not alone. My lecturer at uni hadnt heard of it either in fact snorted sarcastically - "is that you are
Gary First Name McKay
Nov 7, 2012

Re: Integrated template sets

Gary writes - Well they do sometime copy wrongly across platforms - but do I take it you are not fmailiar with copyleft/creative commons etc or do you think I
Bert Greeley
Nov 7, 2012

Re: Integrated template sets

________________________________ From: Bert Greeley To: ModelersCad@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, 6 November 2012 9:59 PM Subject:
Gary First Name McKay
Nov 6, 2012

Re: Integrated template sets

Gary writes - I have been developing methods of using integrated template sets to create objects in flat sheeting with projects in geodesics, rocketry, marble
Bert Greeley
Nov 6, 2012

Integrated template sets

I have been developing methods of using integrated template sets to create objects in flat sheeting with projects in geodesics, rocketry, marble races and
Nov 6, 2012

Re: A very different way of photo etching

Mike:           I am not sure if it is exactly the same but the process you mean looks as what I've seen being applied by graphic artists to make
daniel caso
Oct 24, 2012
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