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Layout Of The Month For June

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  • Bob Chaparro
    We received several responses to the recent call for home layout images to be posted each month on this group s webpage. Those images we received will be used
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
      We received several responses to the recent call for home layout
      images to be posted each month on this group's webpage. Those
      images we received will be used in the coming months to showcase the
      work of our members. We could use some more.

      The third image to be used in our "Layout of the Month" program
      is from Lee Christopher in El Segundo.

      Lee's HO-scale McCloud Railway layout is intended to resemble the
      prototype McCloud Railway (formerly the McCloud River Railroad), a
      lumber and mining products short line in Northern California (near
      Mt. Shasta) around 1997.

      This multi-level layout is in a two-car detached garage and measures
      about 16 x 17. The benchwork is modified L-girder and the scenery
      is hard shell.

      Currently it's about one-third complete and features all hand-laid
      track and turnouts in codes 55, 70 and 83 on a Micore and plywood
      roadbed. The minimum radius is 28 inches. Turnouts are minimum #6,
      maximum grades are 3% and track heights above the floor range from
      41 to 63 inches.

      The DCC (with sound) operations are point to point with a switchback
      and a live interchange with the Union Pacific at Mt. Shasta City.
      Locomotives and rolling stock are mostly decorated to resemble
      specific prototypes.

      Lee is married and both he and his wife are aerospace engineers.
      Lee has been interested in model trains since his 1950s childhood
      when his father would set up his HO scale oval of track with a steam
      switcher and a few cars in the family living room. Lee built a few
      relatively small / simple HO layouts as a teenager but left the
      hobby shortly after beginning college. His interest was renewed in
      the mid-1990s after reading a copy of "Pine Across the Mountain" by
      Robert M. Hanft. He then began pondering the idea of modeling the
      McCloud Railway.

      Although his wife doesn't share his train interests, she is very
      accepting of his hobby. They find the Mt. Shasta region quite
      beautiful and it has become a favorite vacation spot for both of
      them, giving Lee numerous opportunities to explore and photograph
      the prototype he is modeling.

      We thank you Lee for sharing your layout with the group.

      I hope more of you will contact me off-group at:


      to submit your layout images for the "Layout of the Month" program.

      The only qualifications are that the layout actually be located in
      Southern California and that it be an individual layout, rather than
      a club layout.

      Bob Chaparro
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