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Layout Tour #26 Is One Month Away – Four More Layout Descriptions

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  • Bob C
    Layout Tour #26 takes place on July 30 in the Long Beach-South Bay area. The line-up includes sixteen layouts at fifteen sites. There will be seven HO scale
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      Layout Tour #26 takes place on July 30 in the Long Beach-South Bay area.

      The line-up includes sixteen layouts at fifteen sites. There will be seven HO scale layouts, three N scale layouts, one O scale layout, one S scale layout and four garden railroads. Four of the layouts are club layouts.

      Here are descriptions of four more layouts with the last four to follow.

      Bob Chaparro

      Frank Kenny – The setting for this railroad is California and reflects the areas from Mojave to Fresno, including the Tehachapi loop area. The era is modern UP and BNSF with the appropriate traffic as well as Amtrak.

      The layout is built for operations. The mainline track was finished in 2005. In recent years Frank has completed several major upgrades, such as lower level lighting, installation of spurs, a reconstruction of the Fresno area trackage which now includes a Railex facility, reconstruction of the Goshen Junction area simplifying track arrangements, addition of detection technology to the layout, a revision of the valence in the Fresno area, new tool containers moving the "work bench" off the layout and the addition of backdrops. Current projects include finishing the Kings River Bridge, completion of the detection system, signaling, the dispatch panel and planning a revision of the north end of Bakersfield to allow for an extension of the yard tracks and a simplification of the yard throat. The layout is in a 19' x 20' room with two staging yards (the mole-Traffic Center) in a separate 10' x 12' room, which also has the dispatcher's desk. The main locomotive facility also will be located in this room. The layout is double decked with the mountains on the upper level and the valley on the lower level. Spline subroadbed is used for the upper level. Control is Digitrax and scenery is in progress at this time. Website and Blog:

      Steve Kin – The SA & J Railroad is a 17' x 12' layout that will depict the Western Colorado in the 1920 to 1950 era when the scenery (just started) is completed. Most of the roadbed is construction follows the ribbon method, laminating 1/4" ply to a final 2-1/4" width one strip at a time. Mainline track and wiring are complete. Due to the area being modeled some grades approach three percent. Power is DCC with sound-equipped locomotives. Operations will feature loop around, mining, logging & passenger trains plus an operating yard.

      Lloyd Lehrer – This is an HO and HOn3 layout in a dedicated room measuring 11.5' x 22'. There is a double deck track plan around the walls with a center peninsula. There is dual gauge area in the harbor on the lower level that leads to a yard with dual gauge turntable and the lower end of the HOn3. The NG continues up the "NO-LIX", which is a transition grade around the wall and up the peninsula to the upper deck where after running around the room terminates at the upper engine facilities. The peninsula and the upper level are sceniced with three long trestles, cliffs, timber, mining (still in process of finishing), a valley with grazing areas, rolling hills, mountains, small town and river. The lower level features a large and small harbors, mud flats and industries in dual, and primarily, standard gauge. The track on the lower level is designed for continuous running if wanted and is essentially flat with one yard, one freight handling operation at the docks and one engine facility. There are six to eight industries intended for the lower level plus one city area. Operations are point-to-point with two operating yards and turntables at both ends. Operations focus on local freight, minerals and logging. Control is Digitrax DCC. Website: http://wandtrr.blogspot.com/
      More Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/lloydlehrer/20100715#

      Los Angeles Model RR Society – LAMRS is made up of a diverse group of model railroad enthusiasts of many ages, professions and backgrounds. The LAMRS has been promoting the hobby of model railroading for more than twenty-five years and operates the 2,000 square foot Great Lakes & Western Railroad. The layout features equipment and locomotives of all railroads and eras, the largest HO scale oil refinery ever built anywhere, a modern intermodal transfer facility similar to Port of Long Beach, a scale model of the Great Lakes ore ship Aurora, passenger trains from the golden era of passenger service and a large narrow gauge railroad. Dispatch operations are computerized. In addition to mainline operations, there are both standard gauge logging and narrow gauge mining branches. LAMRS operates with DCC with radio controlled throttles. Route selection is currently local control with operators setting switch positions as they go. They plan to include a central computer control option. For runs a time era theme is chosen and some times layout names are changed to depict a particular location. Their unique car card/waybill system makes it possible to have many operating scenarios available, all with a quick set-up time. All equipment that is used on scheduled operating sessions is certified to meet club standards.
      Club Website: http://www.lamrs.org/
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