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      Hi all
        As a member of the Athearn team, I wish to defend the research that is done for our products. We take pride in doing thorough research on items like the 77- C series cars. Our sources include an extensive library of books, railroad company structural and paint scheme blueprints, historical group publications, magazines and photograph collections from all over the country. Our in house photo collection numbers in the thousands. Many of which Craig Walker took, personally, over the last 40 years. We appreciate constructive criticism and like to hear these thing first hand, before websites are filled with misinformation about our products. If you think we made a mistake, let us know, directly, so it can be corrected or defended. Thanks for your support of our products.
      Chuck Short
      Athearn Trains
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      Jim Scott stated:

      And please remember that that 77-C3 coach that Athearn produced didn't actually run on the Daylight.  The coaches on the Daylight were 77C-1s and 77C-2s.  The C-3s ran on other trains.  When Athearn comes out with the next run of the C-3s and they are in Daylight colors, this is an incorrect paint scheme for this car.  The original color was "Dark Olive" and then to TTG and finally in the GS paint scheme of simulated stainless with a red stripe.  Again, according to the SPH&TS Passenger Car Book , Volume 1, none of these cars received the Daylight paint scheme.  Of course they fluctuated back and forth in the aforementioned schemes as they were repainted and reassigned.

      His statement is not quite correct!

      The Athearn Genesis car will be offered as the 77-C-1 class, which was most definitely in service, in Daylight colors, on the Coast Daylight in 1937.  These were cars 2400 and 2401.  Refer to the Richard Wright’s definitive book on the Coast Daylight, pages 334-337 for more information.  (Yes, the Athearn Genesis model will be offered with the correct window configuration for this class, along with full skirting.)

      The SP 77-C-2 class cars were also painted in Daylight red and orange when new, and assigned to the T&NO’s Sunbeam trains.  These were numbered TN&O 450 and 451.  

      After service on the San Joaquin Daylights (still part of the Daylight fleet, of course), the 77-C-1 chair cars were renumbered T&NO 452 and 453, and sent east to join the 77-C-2 class cars on the Sunbeams.  They were still painted in Daylight colors at this time as well.

      Perhaps Jim’s confusion on this was caused by the fact that Athearn never explicitly mentioned that their models will also be correct these earlier classes, but checking with Athearn confirms that these car classes will be produced.  

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