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RE: [Model_Railroads_Of_Southern_California] Re: Blue Point Manual Turnout Machines

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  • lloyd lehrer
    I just installed 5 of them on a friend s layout and they were effortless to install. It was a long lift out module so I was able to work standing up and with
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 31, 2009

      I just installed 5 of them on a friend’s layout and they were effortless to install.  It was a long lift out module so I was able to work standing up and with the module on its back.  instead of the flex link as designed, I just used the inner tube and put a piece of piano wire in the core of the tube to make it stiff.  All of these were straight connections so I have no experience on the flex part of the system.  I was going try some out on my upper level along with some torti that I installed, but after seeing the ease of these installs, I am switching all to blue points.


      Lloyd Lehrer, 310 951-9097, Los Angeles Model RR Society (www.lamrs.org), Terrapin NG Society, 4L, NMRA, and a bunch of other time using orgs.


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      --To all;
      It is very interesting to read different comments that people have about Blue Points and hooking them up. I have to wounder if I am getting the info out about the "Flex Link System" we sell for hooking up and controlling the Blue Pt. Please go to our web-site www.newrailmodels.com and check out the hook-up hardware we offer,and also the complete "How to install" info. We also sell all the seperate components seperatly so guys can come up with any variation that they want. We also sell heavy gauge (.040 dia.) control wire to replace our standard control wire (.032) for Peco machines to over come the spring built into the machines so you can throw the switches with the Blue Pt. without taking the spring out of the Peco switch.
      I have installed over 70 Blue points on my layout and have not had a congestion problem yet. The machines are very versitle in how they hook-up. I would also highly recommend making or buying from us "The Drill Template". What this template does is keeps the relationship of the hole thru the layout and the mounting holes for the Blue Pt. consistent, time after time, which is very important. This is what gives you equal tension on the points from side to side.This same concept can be used for mounting the Tortise and achieve the same results.
      I will be putting up more pics of installation variations on the site. Also a complete "How to install" Blue Pt. if you already have your swithes glued down or want to replace existing switch machines or groung throws.
      Feel free to ask as many questions as needed and I will try to answer them thru the group, web-site and with pics. Also thanks to Bob for letting me join the group. I will be trying to get pics of my layout up and looking forward to exchanging ideas and getting input from the group.

      Keep modeling
      Joe DElia, Jr.

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      > Golden Rod or similar tubing type R/C airplane control material is a very
      grood alternative to bell cranks or choke cables.
      > Bill Uffelman
      > Otford UK today
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      Manual Turnout Machines
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      > On Mon, 31 Aug 2009 00:13:46 +0000, cphuntington wrote:
      > >I am planing to install them on my other layout but as you have
      mentioned the
      > >linkages in some situations could be a very complex.
      > >It might be possible to run a rod from the machine to one end of a
      > >to an L shaped piece. Another rod would run from the other end
      of  the
      > >L shaped piece to the front of the layout. The "L" would
      pivot in the middle where
      > >the two sides meet at an angle.
      > If I might suggest another possibility:  I had a similar
      > situation.  I used auto choke cables.  These can bend and curve
      > (within limits) and maintain push-pull operation.  They might
      > even be used to extend the reach of the Blue Point switches
      > beyond three feet.
      > Hope this helps,
      > Jerry
      > --
    • Bob Schrempp
      The control can be connected to on either side of the Blue Point, I will just hook to both sides. Bob ... -- Bob Schrempp mailto:bschrempp@alumni.calpoly.edu
      Message 2 of 11 , Sep 1, 2009
        The control can be connected to on either side of the Blue Point, I will
        just hook to both sides.


        barry_draper wrote:
        > Bob,
        > How do you plan to do dual control from both sides of the module? The
        > Blue Point website only shows a single control line.
        > Barry Draper
        > -- In Model_Railroads_Of_Southern_California@yahoogroups.com
        > <mailto:Model_Railroads_Of_Southern_California%40yahoogroups.com>, Bob
        > Schrempp <bschrempp@...> wrote:
        > >
        > > I saw them at the Anaheim NTS Show in the summer of 2008. I was very
        > > impressed and picked up a couple. I want to install them in a Free-Mo
        > > module, but have not done so yet.
        > >
        > >
        > > Bob

        Bob Schrempp
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