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New Layout in West Covina

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  • John
    Hi folks, The Citrus Empire Model Railroad has been working on a new O scale layout in West Covina. Tommy Thomas recently took some pictures a few days ago
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2009
      Hi folks,

      The Citrus Empire Model Railroad has been working on a new O scale layout in West Covina. Tommy Thomas recently took some pictures a few days ago and sent them and the following note to some friends.

      I have put the pictures are in the folder "New Citrus Empire Layout."

      A little more progress has been made since the pictures; we have started putting down roadbed.

      We have been been meeting Wednesday evenings and alternate Mondays. Visitors are encouraged. Those interested let me know.

      John Bishop

      Below is Tommy's letter.

      "I happened by Bruce's house today, Monday April 27th. to check on the status on the O Scale railroad that's abuilding there. I caught Bruce and Jim Fritsche at work laying the sub-road-bed on the BNSFRR/CEMRR layout along the South wall. The south wall is the wall with the boarded up and sealed garage doors. I call it the BNSFRR/CEMRR, which in case you didn't know BNSFRR stands for, Bruce, Nifty Scale,Francis Railroad/Citrus Empire Model Railroad as so much of Bruce's sweat and financial support have gone into building this O Scale Model railroad in his West Covina 4-Car garage as an interim model railroad for the benefit of the remnants of the Citrus Empire Model Railroad Club, including Bruce.

      "Can you believe that it's been over 5 long years since the CEMRRC received the letter from the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds management telling us to remove our 58 year old model railroad from their premises. Bruce, with dwindling help from some CEMRRC members, myself included as a dwindling member, has rebuilt Bruce's garage into an insulated, suspended ceiling, dry-walled and air conditioned very nice model railroad building. Some great progress has been achieved since I last saw it. The first level bench work is finished except for a putting in a no ducking access lift bridge at the west end of the layout. It is an around the room layout, about 46 inches high, is 30 inches deep and has a minimum corner radius of 6 feet. I predict it will very soon have some track down making it possible to run DCC powered trains.

      "Bruce envisions the upper level to be about 20 inches above the lower level and be about 15" deep. I'm hoping that the ability to run a train, if even only in a circle at first, may see some more appearances from dwindling members like my self. Bruce plans to add a peninsula in the center of the the around the walls layout and attached it at the eastern end of the layout. I didn't ask if he planned for the upper level to extend over the peninsula or not. A general idea for a track plan is forming in Bruce's head with details to be be added in on an as-you-go-basis. I took the liberty to snap a few picts of the layout as a progress report that i thought you might be interested in viewing.

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